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The Article The New Ad Game By Jessica Rodriguez

The article, â€Å"The New Ad Game†, by Jessica Ramirez, is an expository essay describing the in-game advertisement. The author wrote the essay, detailing what analysts predict to be huge growth in the ad market in the next five years. With the help of advanced technology, the in-game advertisement is thriving because of the large market, elimination of previous obstacles, and new degrees of connectivity comparable to that of PC. With 132 million gamers who are 13 years and older, the video game console audience is larger than the PC audience. Most people see the ads will buy is from the age of 18-34, and young man play video games 12.5 hours each week. Jessica Ramirez seeks to address in the pass, how does â€Å"static† and â€Å"metrics† affect advertisement stuck in the games sectors, Static is meaning people were built into the code when the game left the factory and couldn’t be changed or updated, most people could missed the advertisement from time-sensitive promotions for products like new movie releases. Metrics is kind like a rule, player need to proceeded to level 10 in the game then the ad will show up. The problems got fix by two companies, which are Nielsen and Massive Inc. The technology is amazing, it can tell you down to the nth degree how long your ad was looked at, even the angle and who was looking at it. After the new ad serving technology, the market for advertising h ad race the dollar from 56 million to 733 million. On the other hand, because the console market is aShow MoreRelatedLogical Reasoning189930 Words   |  760 Pages........................................................................................................ 244 CHAPTER 8 Detecting Fallacies ............................................................................................... 248 Ad Hominem Fallacy ........................................................................................................................ 248 Fallacy of Circular Reasoning.............................................................................Read MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 Pages Organizational Behavior This page intentionally left blank Organizational Behavior EDITION 15 Stephen P. Robbins —San Diego State University Timothy A. Judge —University of Notre Dame i3iEi35Bj! Boston Columbus Indianapolis New York San Francisco Upper Saddle River Amsterdam Cape Town Dubai London Madrid Milan Munich Paris Montreal Toronto Delhi Mexico City Sao Paulo Sydney Hong Kong Seoul Singapore Taipei Tokyo Editorial Director: Sally Yagan Director of Editorial Services:

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Test Corrections Essay - 643 Words

1. According to Boyer, which of the following is true of New England families? C. While encountering serious legal restrictions, women were freer than their European counterparts 3. The explorations of Ponce de Leon, Navarez, and Coronado are important to American history for which of significance of the following? B. they discovered nothing 5. Which of the following factors helped in the ultimate survival of Jamestown? E. Political freedom and the recruitment of women 7. The chief purpose of the headright and patroonship systems was to... E. Increase the population of the colonies. 10. Which of the following is true of colonial New England? E. It was the least mercantilistic of the sections. 11. Which of the following is true of the†¦show more content†¦C. It established separation of church and state, It granted suffrage to more people than most New England colonies 27. Which of the following is true of the Southern colonies? A. It lacked a large middle class. 28. By 1700, New England towns tended to show†¦ C. A more heterogeneous philosophical makeup than earlier. 29. The French tended to attract stronger Indian support than the British primarily because†¦ A. They made fewer demands on the Indian lands 30. Social mobility in the colonies tended to be based on†¦ D. wealth 32. Slavery developed as an institution in the American South because†¦ B. The indentured servant system failed to provide an adequate labour supply. 35. Mercantilism embodied which of the following? C. Private Property was subordinates to public good; Colonies were to serve as dumping grounds for excess labour. 36. Which of the following is a significant similarity in the early development of Jamestown and Plymouth? C. Private property and representative government were established early/ 37. Which of the following was true of the Middle colonies? D. They were settled by ethnically heterogeneous people, they became known as the â€Å"breadbasket† colonies. 38. The Restoration, the Glorious Revolution, the English Civil War, and Queen Anne’s War all represented D. events in which contributed to salutary neglect. 39. The trade and navigation acts were B. Generally accepted in the South, Beneficial to both England and theShow MoreRelatedTest Corrections1937 Words   |  8 Pages2. John Wesley is associated with the founding of what religious sect? I chose to omit this question because I couldn’t remember with which â€Å"ism† John Wesley was associated. The correct answer is c. Methodism because in the â€Å"Impact of the Enlightenment† PowerPoint, a parenthetical mentions John Wesley in the description of Methodism. 6. Romanticism changed the direction of the Enlightenment by emphasizing†¦ I answered a. skepticism which is incorrect because skepticism was more ofRead MoreThe Criminal Justice System Is A Big Part Of Why We Have Order1205 Words   |  5 Pagesjustice system is a big part of why we have order. If there was no criminal justice system and its components that keep it running, the population would run wild. There are three major components of the criminal justice system, the criminal courts, corrections, and law enforcement. These components help uphold the law and protect people from others who do break the law. The world is not perfect, but there have been many examples in real life and in literature and films that show what a world would beRead MoreAffordable Care Act Research Paper1123 Words   |  5 Pageshave liked to understand the average number of staff compared to medical staff the procedure for advanced medical care, and exactly how much money is contributed go that part of the prison system. What Services are Offered? When entering the corrections system, inmates enter with many different illnesses and diseases. These ailments range between physical, mental, and emotional. While there are medical resources to alleviate most of these, I was interested to know if those resources were beingRead MoreThe Three Components Of The Criminal Justice System1323 Words   |  6 PagesIn the criminal justice system, there are many components and rules that everyone must follow. The main three components are law enforcement, courts, and corrections. All three of these components interact with each other at one point or another in the criminal justice system. In the first phase, you have the law enforcement these are people that are looking for the individuals that are breaking the law. According to Smith (2017), â€Å"Law enforcement personnel are also responsible for bringing forthRead MoreProbation Officer766 Words   |  4 Pagespopular career. Probation Officer Job Description Probation officers and parole officers are often lumped together when people think about them. They do have some common duties, such as working within the corrections system and being employed by county, state or federal corrections departments. Sometimes they even take on dual responsibilities, functioning as both probation and parole officers. Probation officers perform many duties specific to probation and deal with offenders who have beenRead MoreCorrectional Policy Essay768 Words   |  4 PagesRunning Head: ARE CORRECTIONAL POLICIES AND PROGRAMS WORKING TODAY Michelle Elsenbary Intro to Corrections North Carolina Central University The subject of this article is to review the past and present changes within correctional policies and programs and the influence it has on criminal activity. Throughout the article, several researches involving systematic reviews, meta-analyses, and the Maryland method scores show the positiveRead MoreCorrections Trend Evaluation Essay1338 Words   |  6 PagesCorrections Trend Evaluation Daysha Hopkins CJA-394 May 7, 2012 Hector Garcia Ed. D Abstract Throughout the United States, there are many correctional facilities that house thousands of inmates. Individuals who work within these facilities have a tough job in maintaining the prison facility and the inmates. Correctional officers are called the front line workers and are responsible for looking after the inmates. The officers who work for the correctional facility deal with issues that mayRead MoreCognitive Behavior Therapy : A Rehabilitation Alternative2737 Words   |  11 PagesCognitive Behavior Therapy: A Rehabilitation Alternative in Corrections The prison was designed as a place of punishment for those who would commit criminal acts. The purpose of prison is to punish the criminals, protect the public and reform the criminals back to law abiding citizens before reintegrating them back into society. Prison conditions are hard on inmates in general, because of overcrowding, violence, lack of privacy, lack of meaningful activities, isolation from family and friends, uncertaintyRead MoreSentencing Models and The Correctional System Essay848 Words   |  4 PagesHow have sentencing models impacted corrections? Be sure to address the four types of sentencing models and the issues surrounding them (equity, truth-in-sentencing and proportionality). Sentencing models are plans or strategies developed for imposing punishment for crimes committed. During the 19th century these punishments were normally probation, fines and flat sentences. When someone was given a flat sentence, he or she had to serve the entire sentence without parole or early release. HoweverRead MoreCriminal Justice Careers1751 Words   |  8 PagesCareers Marielu Villa Westwood College Abstract This paper reflects about criminal justice careers that will help me get knowledge and get a better idea about the career that I choose. Components of criminal justice: law enforcement, courts, and corrections. A brief description about the career, the requirements, and the hiring criteria the career has. Tell why the position interest me, how does it relate to the career path that I want, and finally what I’m looking for in gaining from the career.

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You Suck A Love Story Chapter 19~20 Free Essays

Chapter Nineteen Our Dead Homeys The vampires sat side by side on the bare futon frame, watching as a five-legged bug limped up the big front window of the loft. Tommy thought that the rhythm of the bug’s steps made a for a danceable backbeat – thought he might be able to set music to it, if he knew how to write music. Suite for Angst and Limping Bug, he’d call it. We will write a custom essay sample on You Suck: A Love Story Chapter 19~20 or any similar topic only for you Order Now â€Å"Nice bug,† Tommy said. â€Å"Yeah,† Jody said. We should save it for Abby, Jody thought. She was feeling guilty about having bitten the girl – not so much because of the violation, because obviously the kid had been willing, but because she felt as if she really didn’t have any choice. She had been injured and her predator nature told her to survive, whatever the cost, which is what bothered her. Was her humanity drifting away? â€Å"The Animals are going to come for us now,† Tommy said. He was feeling angry, betrayed by his old crew, but most of all he felt separate from them now. He felt separate from everyone. Tomorrow was Christmas and he didn’t even want to call his parents because they were a different species now. What do you buy for an inferior species? â€Å"It’s just the Animals,† Jody said. â€Å"We’ll be safe.† â€Å"I’ll bet that’s what Elijah thought, too, and they got him.† â€Å"We should go get him,† Jody said. She imagined Elijah Ben Sapir, standing in the full sun by the Ferry Building, tourists passing him, wondering why someone would put a statue there. Would the brass protect him? Tommy checked his watch. â€Å"We’d never get there and back in time. I tried that yesterday.† â€Å"How could you do that to him, Tommy? He was one of us.† â€Å"One of us? He was going to kill us, if you remember. He kind of did kill us. I resent that. Besides, if you’re covered in bronze, what does it matter if you’re underwater? I was just trying to get him out of sight so we could think about our future without him being part of it.† â€Å"Right. Okay,† Jody said. â€Å"Sorry.† Future? She’d lived with a half-dozen guys, none had ever willingly talked about the future before. And she and Tommy had a supersized buttload of future ahead of them as long as someone didn’t catch them sleeping. â€Å"Maybe we really should leave the City,† she said. â€Å"No one would know about us in a new city.† â€Å"I was thinking we should get a Christmas tree,† Tommy said. Jody looked away from the bug. â€Å"That’s a thought, or we could put some mistletoe up, put on Christmas carols, and stand outside waiting for Santa until the sun comes up and incinerates us. How’s that sound?† â€Å"Nobody appreciates your sarcasm, missy. I’m just trying to get a handle on normal. Three months ago I was stocking groceries in Indiana, looking at community college, driving around in my crappy car, wishing I had a girlfriend, and wishing that there was some potential for something to happen beyond getting a job with benefits and living the same life as my dad. Now I have a girlfriend, and superpowers, and a bunch of people want to kill me, and I don’t know how to act. I don’t know what to do next. And it’s going to be that way forever. Forever! I’m going to be scared out of my mind forever! I can’t deal with forever.† He’d been barking at her, but she resisted the urge to snap back. He was nineteen, not a hundred and fifty – he didn’t even have the tools for being an adult, let alone being immortal. â€Å"I know,† she said. â€Å"Tomorrow night, first thing, we’ll hire a car, go get Elijah, and pick up a Christmas tree on the way back. How’s that sound?† â€Å"Hiring a car? That sounds exotic.† â€Å"It’ll be like prom.† Was she being too patronizing? â€Å"You don’t have to do that,† he said. â€Å"I’m sorry I’m acting like a weenie.† â€Å"But you’re my weenie,† Jody said. â€Å"Take me to bed.† Still holding her hand, he stood, then pulled her up into his arms. â€Å"We’ll be okay, right?† She nodded and kissed him, feeling for just a second like a girl in love instead of a predator. She immediately felt a resurgence of shame over feeding on Abby. The doorbell rang. â€Å"Did you know we had a doorbell?† â€Å"Nope.† â€Å"You can’t beat a dead whore in the morning,† said Nick Cavuto cheerfully, because apparently, everyone loves a dead hooker, despite what certain writer types might think. They were standing in the alley off Mission Street. Dorothy Chin – short, pretty, and whip-smart – snorted a laugh and checked the thermometer probe she’d stuck in the deceased’s liver like a meat thermometer into a roast. â€Å"She hasn’t been dead four hours, guys.† Rivera rubbed his temples and felt his bookstore slipping away, along with his marriage. He’d known the marriage had been going for a while, but he was feeling a little brokenhearted about the bookstore. He figured he knew, but he asked anyway. â€Å"Cause of death?† â€Å"Toothy blow job,† Cavuto said. â€Å"Yes, Alphonse,† said Dorothy with a tad too much sincerity, â€Å"I’d have to concur with Detective Cavuto, she died of a toothy blow job.† â€Å"It just pisses some guys off,† Cavuto added, â€Å"a professional without skills.† â€Å"Guy just snapped her neck and took his money back,† said Dorothy with a big grin. â€Å"So a broken neck?† said Rivera, mentally waving goodbye to a whole set of first-edition Raymond Chandlers, ten-to-six workdays, golfing on Mondays. Cavuto snorted this time. â€Å"Her head’s turned around the wrong way, Rivera. What did you think it was?† â€Å"Seriously,† Dorothy Chin said, â€Å"I have to do the autopsy to be sure, but offhand that’s the obvious cause. I’d also say she’s probably lucky to go that way. She’s HIV positive and it looks like the disease had developed into full-blown AIDS.† â€Å"How do you know that?† â€Å"See these sarcomas on her feet.† Chin had removed one of the hooker’s shoes – she pointed to open sores on the corpse’s foot and ankle. Rivera sighed. He didn’t want to ask, but he asked anyway, â€Å"What about blood loss?† Dorothy Chin had done the autopsies on two of the previous victims and cringed a little. It was a pattern. They’d all been terminally ill, they’d all died of a broken neck, and they’d all shown evidence of extreme blood loss, but no external wounds – not even a needle mark. â€Å"Can’t tell out here.† Cavuto had lost his cheery manner now. â€Å"So we spend Christmas day canvassing dirtbags to see if anyone saw anything?† At the end of the alley, uniforms were still talking to the grimy homeless man who had called in the murder. He was trying to get them to spring for a bottle of whiskey – because it was Christmas. Rivera didn’t want to go home, but he didn’t want to spend a day trying to find out what he already knew. He checked his watch. â€Å"What time was sunrise this morning?† he asked. â€Å"Oh, wait,† Cavuto said, patting down his pockets, â€Å"I’ll check my almanac.† Dorothy Chin snorted again, then started giggling. â€Å"Dr. Chin,† Rivera said, tightening down now, â€Å"could you be more precise about the time of death?† Chin picked up on Rivera’s tone and went full professional. â€Å"Sure. There’s an algorithm for the cooling time of a body. Get me the weather from last night, let me get her back to the morgue and weigh her, and I’ll get you a time within ten minutes.† â€Å"What?† Cavuto said to Chin. â€Å"What?† This time to Rivera. â€Å"Winter solstice, Nick,† Rivera said. â€Å"Christmas was originally set at the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. It’s eleven-thirty now. I’m betting that four hours ago the sun was just coming up.† â€Å"Uh-huh,† Cavuto said. â€Å"Prostitutes have shitty hours – is that what you’re saying?† Rivera raised an eyebrow. â€Å"Our guy didn’t travel far after sunrise, is what I’m saying. He’s going to be around here.† â€Å"I was afraid that’s what you were saying,† Cavuto said. â€Å"We’re never going to get the bookstore open, are we?† â€Å"Tell the uniforms to look anywhere it’s dark: under Dumpsters, in crawl spaces, attics – anywhere.† â€Å"Getting warrants on Christmas day might be a problem.† â€Å"You won’t need warrants if you get permission from the owners – we’re not looking to bust anyone living here, we’re looking for a murder suspect.† Cavuto pointed to the eight-story brick building that composed one wall of the alley. â€Å"This building has something like eight hundred ministorage units in it.† â€Å"Then you guys had better get started.† â€Å"Where’re you going?† â€Å"There was a missing person report on an old guy in North Beach a couple of days ago. I’m going to check it out.† â€Å"Because you don’t want to go Dumpster diving for v – â€Å" â€Å"Because,† Rivera cut him off before he could say the V-word, â€Å"he had terminal cancer. His wife assumed he just wandered off and got lost. Now I’m not so sure. Call me if you find anything.† â€Å"Uh-huh.† Cavuto turned to the three uniforms who were interviewing the bum. â€Å"Hey, guys, have I got a merry Christmas detail for you.† The Animals decided to hold a small memorial service for Blue in Chinatown. Troy Lee was already there, as was Lash, who wouldn’t go home to his apartment until Blue’s body was removed, and Barry, who was Jewish, would be coming there for dinner with his family, as was the tradition in his faith. Plus, the liquor stores in Chinatown were open on Christmas, and if you slipped some money under the counter, you could get firecrackers. The Animals were fairly sure that Blue would have wanted firecrackers at her funeral. The Animals stood in a semicircle, beers in hand, on a playground off Grant Street. The deceased was being honored in absentia – in her place was a half-eaten pair of edible panties. From a distance, they looked like a bunch of wastrels mourning a Fruit Roll-Up. â€Å"I’d like to start, if I may,† said Drew. He wore a long overcoat and his hair was tied back with a black ribbon, revealing the target-shaped bruise on his forehead where Jody had hit him with the wine bottle. Out of his coat he pulled a bong the size of a tenor sax, and using a long lighter designed for lighting fireplaces, he sparked that magnificent mama-jama up and bubbled away like a scuba diver having an asthma attack. When he could hold no more, he raised the bong, poured some water on the ground, and croaked, â€Å"To Blue,† which came out in a perfect smoke ring, the sight of which brought tears to everyone’s eyes. â€Å"To Blue,† everyone repeated as they placed one hand on the bong and tipped a bit out of their beers. â€Å"To Broo, my nigga,† said Troy Lee’s grandma, who had insisted upon joining the ceremony once she realized there would be firecrackers. â€Å"She will be avenged,† said Lash. â€Å"And we’ll get our fucking money back,† said Jeff, the big jock. â€Å"Amen,† the Animals said. They had decided on a nondenominational ceremony, as Barry was a Jew, Troy Lee was a Buddhist, Clint was an Evangelical, Drew was a Rastafarian, Gustavo was a Catholic, and Lash and Jeff were heathen stoners. Gustavo had been called in to work that day because someone had to be in the store as long as the front was only boarded up with plywood, so in deference to his beliefs, they had bought some incense and holders and placed a picket fence of smoldering joss sticks around the edible panty. The incense also worked within Troy and Grandma’s Buddhist tradition, and Lash pointed out during the ceremony that although they have their differences otherwise, all gods like a good-smellin’ ho. â€Å"Amen!† said the Animals again. â€Å"And they’re handy for lightin’ firecrackers off of,† added Jeff as he bent over an incense stick and set a string cracking. â€Å"Hallelujah!† said the Animals. Each offered to share some kind of memory of Blue, but all of their stories quickly degenerated to orifices and squishiness, and no one wanted to go there in front of Troy’s grandma, so instead they threw firecrackers at Clint while he read from the Twenty-third Psalm. Before they cracked the second case of beer, it was decided that after dark, three of them – Lash, Troy Lee, and Barry – would take Blue from Lash’s apartment, load her into the back of Barry’s station wagon, and take her out in the middle of the Bay in Barry’s Zodiac. (Barry was the diver of the bunch, and had all the cool aquatic stuff. They’d used his spearguns to help take down the old vampire.) Lash braced himself as he opened the apartment door, but to his surprise, there was no smell. He led Barry and Troy into the bedroom, and together they wrestled the rolled-up rug out of the closet. â€Å"It’s not heavy enough,† Barry said. â€Å"Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit,† Troy said, trying furiously to unroll the rug. Finally Lash reached down, grabbed the edge of the rug, and whipped it up over his head. There was a thudding sound against the far wall, followed by the jingle of metal, like coins settling. The three Animals stood and stared. â€Å"What are those?† Asked Barry. â€Å"Earrings,† answered Troy. Indeed, there were seven earrings settling on the hardwood floor. â€Å"Not those. Those!† Barry nodded toward two clear, cantaloupe-sized, gelatinous lozenges that quivered on the floor like stranded jellyfish. Lash shivered. â€Å"I’ve seen them before. My brother used to work in a plant in Santa Barbara that made them.† â€Å"What the fuck are they?† Said Troy, squinting through a drunken haze. â€Å"Those are breast implants,† Lash said. â€Å"What are those wormy things?† asked Barry. There were two translucent sluglike blobs of something stuck to the rug near the edge. â€Å"Looks like window caulk,† said Lash. He noticed that there was a fine blue powder near the edge of the rug. He ran his hand over it, pinched some on his fingers, and sniffed it. Nothing. â€Å"Where’d she go?† asked Barry. â€Å"No idea,† said Lash. Chapter Twenty It’s a Wonderful Life Gustavo Chavez had been born the seventh child of a brick maker in a small village in the state of Michoacan, Mexico. At eighteen he married a local girl, the daughter of a farmer, herself a seventh child, and at twenty, with his second child on the way, he crossed the border into the United States, where he lived with a cousin in Oakland, along with a score of other relatives, and worked grueling, twelve-hour days as a laborer, making enough to feed himself and send more money home to his family than he could possibly have made in his father’s brickyard. He did this because it was the responsible and right thing to do, and because he had been raised a good Catholic man who, like his father, would provide for his family and no more than two or three mistresses. Each year, about a month before Christmas, he would sneak back across the border to celebrate Christmas with his family, meet any new children that might been born, and make love with his wife, Maria, until they were bo th so sore it hurt to walk. In fact, the vision of Maria’s inviting thighs would often begin haunting him around Halloween and the hapless night porter would find himself in a state of semiarousal as he swung his soapy mop, to and fro, across fifteen thousand square feet of linoleum every night. Tonight he was in the store alone, and he was feeling far from aroused, for it was Christmas night, and he could not go to mass or take Communion until he confessed. He was feeling deeply ashamed. Christmas night and he hadn’t even called Maria – hadn’t spoken to her for weeks, because like the rest of the Animals, he had gone to Las Vegas, and had given all his money to the blue whore. He had called, of course, after they’d first taken the vampire’s art and sold it for so much money, but since then, his life had been a fog of tequila and marijuana and the evil attentions of the blue one. He, a good man, who cared for his family, had never hit his wife, had only cheated with a second cousin and never with a white woman, had been undone by the curse of the blue devil’s pussy. La maldicin de la cocha del diablo azul. This is the saddest, loneliest Christmas ever, thought Gustavo as he dragged his mop past the canvas doors leading into the produce-department cooler. I am like the poor cabrn in that book The Pearl, where by simply trying to take advantage of some good fortune, I have lost all that I care about. Okay, I did get drunk for a week and my pearl was a blue whore who fucked the chimichangas out of me, but still, pretty sad. He thought these things in Spanish, so they sounded infinitely more tragic and romantic. Then there came a noise from the cooler, and he was startled for a second. He wrung out his mop, so as to be ready for anything. He didn’t like being in the store by himself, but with the front windows broken out, someone had to be here, and because he was far from home, had nowhere else to go, and the union would see that he was paid double time, Gustavo had volunteered. Perhaps if he sent home a little extra, Maria might forget the hundred thousand dollars he’d promised. There, something was moving behind the plastic doors of the cooler, which were waving slightly. The stout Mexican crossed himself and backed out of the produce department, swinging his mop now in quick swaths, leaving barely a hint of dampness on the linoleum. He was by the dairy case now, and a stack of yogurts fell over inside the glass doors, as if someone had shoved them out of the way to look through. Gustavo dropped the mop and ran to the back of the store, saying a Hail Mary peppered with swearwords as he went, wondering if those were footsteps he heard behind him, or the echoes of his own footfalls resounding through the deserted store. Out the front door and away, he chanted in his head. Out the front door and away. He nearly fell rounding the turn at the meat case, his shoes still wet from the mop water. He caught himself on one hand and came up like a sprinter, while reaching back on his belt for his keys as he went. There were footfalls behind him – light, slapping – bare feet on linoleum, but fast, and close. He couldn’t stop to unlock the door when he got there, he couldn’t look back, he couldn’t turn to look – a second of hesitation and he would be lost. He exhaled a long wail and ran right through a rack of candy and gum by the registers. He tumbled over the first register in an avalanche of candy bars and magazines, many of which displayed headlines like I MARRIED BIGFOOT, or SPACE ALIEN CULT TAKES OVER HOLLYWOOD, or vampires hunt our streets, and other such nonsense. Gustavo scrambled out of the pile and was crawling on his belly like a desert lizard scrambling to get across hot sand, when a heavy weight came down on his back, knocking the air out of him. He gasped, trying to get his breath, but something grabbed him by the hair and yanked his head backwards. He heard crackling noises in his ear, smelled something like rotten meat, and gagged. He saw the fluorescent lights, some canned hams, and a very happy cardboard elf making cookies as he was dragged down the aisle and through the doors into the dark back room of the deli like so much lunch meat. Feliz navidad. â€Å"Our first Christmas together,† Jody said, kissing him on the cheek – giving his butt a little squeeze through his pj bottoms. â€Å"Did you get me something cute?† â€Å"Hi, Mom,† Tommy said into the phone. â€Å"It’s Tommy.† â€Å"Tommy. Sweetheart. We’ve been calling all day. It just rang and rang. I thought you were going to come home for Christmas.† â€Å"Well, you know, Mom, I’m in management at the store now. Responsibilities.† â€Å"Are you working hard enough?† â€Å"Oh yeah, Mom. I’m working ten – sixteen hours a day sometimes. Exhausted.† â€Å"Well good. And you have insurance?† â€Å"The best, Mom. The best. I’m nearly bulletproof.† â€Å"Well, I suppose that’s good. You’re not still working that horrible night shift, are you?† â€Å"Well, sort of. In the grocery business, that’s where the money is.† â€Å"You need to get on the day shift. You’re never going to meet a nice girl working those hours, son.† It was at this point, having heard Mother Flood’s admonition, that Jody lifted her shirt and rubbed her bare breasts against him while batting her eyelashes coquettishly. â€Å"But I have met a nice girl, Mom. Her name is Jody. She’s studying to be a nun – er, teacher. She helps the poor.† It was then that Jody pantsed him, then ran into the bedroom giggling. He caught himself on the counter to keep from tumbling over. â€Å"Whoa.† â€Å"What, son? What’s the matter?† â€Å"Nothing, nothing, Mom. I just had a little eggnog with the guys and started to feel it.† â€Å"You’re not on the drugs, are you, honey?† â€Å"No, no, no, nothing like that.† â€Å"Because your father has rehab benefits on you until you’re twenty-one. We can have one of those interventions if you can find a cheap flight home. I know that Aunt Esther would love to see you, even if you are strung out on the crack.† â€Å"And I her, and I her, Mom. Look, I just called to say Merry Christmas, I’ll let you – â€Å" â€Å"Wait, honey, your father wants to say hi.† † – go.† â€Å"Hey, Skeeter. Frisco turned you into an ass bandit yet?† â€Å"Hi, Dad. Merry Christmas.† â€Å"Glad you finally called. Your mother was worried sick about you.† â€Å"Well, you know, the grocery business.† â€Å"You working hard enough?† â€Å"Trying. They’re cutting back on our OT – union will only let us work sixty hours a week.† â€Å"Well, as long as you’re trying. How’s that old Volvo running?† â€Å"Great. Like a top.† The Volvo had burned to the wheels his first day in the City. â€Å"Swiss sure can build some cars, can’t they? Can’t say much for those little red pocketknives they make, but sonsabitches can build a car.† â€Å"Swedes.† â€Å"Yeah, well, I love the little meatballs too. Look, kid, your mother’s got me deep-frying a turkey out in the driveway. It’s starting to smoke a little. I probably oughta should go check on it. Took an hour to get the oil up to speed – it’s only about ten degrees here today.† â€Å"Yeah, it’s a little chilly here, too.† â€Å"Looks like it’s starting to catch the carport on fire a little. Better go.† â€Å"Okay. Love you, Dad.† â€Å"Call your mother more often, she worries. Holy cats, there goes the Oldsmobile. Bye, son.† A half hour later they were sipping coffee laced with William’s blood when the doorbell rang again. â€Å"This is getting irritating,† Jody said. â€Å"Call your mom,† Tommy said. â€Å"I’ll get it.† â€Å"We should get some sleeping pills – knock him out so he doesn’t have to drink all that booze before we bleed him.† The doorbell rang again. â€Å"We just need to get him a key.† Tommy went to the console by the door and pushed the button. There was a buzz and the click of the lock at street level. The door opened – William coming in to settle on the stairs for the night. â€Å"I don’t know how he sleeps on those steps.† â€Å"He doesn’t sleep. He passes out,† said the undead redhead. â€Å"Do you think if we gave him peppermint schnapps the coffee would have a minty holiday flavor?† Tommy shrugged. He went to the door, threw it open, and called down. â€Å"William, you like peppermint schnapps?† William raised a grimy eyebrow, looking suspicious. â€Å"You got something against scotch?† â€Å"No, no, I don’t want to mess up your discipline. I was just thinking of a more balanced diet. Food groups, you know.† â€Å"I had some soup and some beer today,† William said. â€Å"Okay then.† â€Å"Schnapps gives me mint farts. They scare the hell out of Chet.† Tommy turned to Jody and shook his head. â€Å"Sorry, no way, minty farts.† Then to William again: â€Å"Okay then, William. I gotta get back to the little woman. You need anything? Food, blanket, toothbrush, a damp towelette to freshen up?† â€Å"Nah, I’m good,† William said. He held up a fifth of Johnny Walker Black. â€Å"How’s Chet doing?† â€Å"Stressed. We just found out our friend Sammy got murdered in the hotel on Eleventh.† Chet looked up the stairwell with sad kitty eyes, which he sort of always seemed to have since he’d been shaved. â€Å"Sorry to hear that,† Tommy said. â€Å"Yeah, on Christmas, too,† William said. â€Å"Hooker got killed across the street last night, same way. Neck was snapped. Sammy has been sick for a while, so he splurged on a room for the holiday. Fuckers killed him right there in bed. Just goes to show you.† Tommy had no idea what it went to show you. â€Å"Sad,† Tommy said. â€Å"So how come Chet’s stressed but you’re not?† â€Å"Chet doesn’t drink.† â€Å"Of course. Well then, Merry Christmas to you guys.† â€Å"You, too,† said William, toasting with his bottle. â€Å"Any chance of a Christmas bonus, now that I’m a full-time employee?† â€Å"What’d you have in mind?† â€Å"I’d sure like a gander at Red’s bare knockers.† Tommy turned to Jody, who was shaking her head, looking pretty determined. â€Å"Sorry,† Tommy said. â€Å"How about a new sweater for Chet?† William scowled. â€Å"You just can’t bargain with The Man.† He took a drink from his bottle and turned away from Tommy as if he had something important to discuss with his huge shaved cat and couldn’t be bothered with management. â€Å"Okay then,† Tommy said. He closed the door and returned to the counter. â€Å"I’m The Man,† he said with a big grin. â€Å"Your mom would be so proud,† Jody said. â€Å"We need to go see about Elijah.† â€Å"Not until you call your mom. Besides, he’s waited this long, it’s not like he’s going anywhere.† Jody got up and came around the breakfast bar and took Tommy’s hand. â€Å"Sweetie, I need you to play what William just said back in your mind, really slowly.† â€Å"I know, I’m The Man!† â€Å"No, the part about his friend being killed by a broken neck, and how he has been sick, and how someone else was killed the night before, also by broken neck. I’ll bet she was sick, too. Sound like a pattern you’ve heard before?† â€Å"Oh my God,† Tommy said. â€Å"Uh-huh,† Jody said. She held his hand to her lips and kissed his knuckles. â€Å"I’ll get my jacket while you fluff up your little brain for traveling, ‘kay?† â€Å"Oh my God, you’ll do anything to get out of calling your mom.† How to cite You Suck: A Love Story Chapter 19~20, Essay examples

Solving Black Inner City Poverty Free Essays

FILM QUESTIONNAIRE #2 DUE DATE: 10/8/10 NAME: Solving Black Inner-City Poverty: William Julius Wilson, Films for the Humanities, Inc. , 1994 [30 minutes] 1. What has been the main cause of the rise of concentrated poverty in the urban ghetto since the 1970s according to Wilson? (4 points) Wilson argues that one of the main cause of the rise of concentrated poverty in the urban ghetto since the 1970s is the fact of segregation. We will write a custom essay sample on Solving Black Inner City Poverty or any similar topic only for you Order Now In the 1970s the poor, middle class and upper class all lived in the same neighborhoods. This gave the poor more opportunities to find jobs through interaction with the wealthier tier of citizens. Nowadays, the less fortunate cluster in the ghettos and create their own life-ways, which makes it increasingly difficult to get out of the vicious circle. The schools in the neighborhood are not adequate, there are less opportunities and they cant live up to the morals and values that they would like to, but form their own. Another major factor to why the poor stay poor is the fact that single-mom households have increased from 20% in the 1970s to 51% today and the struggle it is for them to get out of the ghetto being what they are. In his book The Declining Significance of Race he further examines the question; â€Å"Why do poverty and unequal opportunity persist in the lives of so many African Americans? † In response, he traces the history and current state of powerful structural factors impacting African Americans, such as discrimination in laws, policies, hiring, housing, and education. He argues against either/or politicized views of poverty among African Americans that either focus blame solely on cultural factors or only on unjust structural factors. He tries to demonstrate the importance of understanding not only the independent contributions of social structure and culture, but also how they interact to shape different group outcomes that embody racial inequality. 2. What are some elements of the informal sex code that governs sexual relations in the ghetto? (3 points) Wilson contends that there is an â€Å"informal sexcode† within the ghettos and that the ratio of births among young women is increasing. Men gain prestige by the numbers of girlfriends as well as children they accumulate. And since black males are â€Å"unmarriable† when they do not have a job to support the family, the women end up alone with several children. Wilson was one of the first to enunciate at length the â€Å"spatial mismatch† theory for the development of a ghetto underclass. As industrial jobs disappeared in cities in the wake of global economic restructuring, and hence urban unemployment increased, women found it unwise to marry the fathers of their children, since the fathers would not be breadwinners. 3. Wilson advocates universal type programs for dealing with the plight of the inner city poor. What is meant by universal programs? Why is he in favor of universal as opposed to race-specific solutions? (4 points) A Universal Program is a program that addresses all races. Wilson favors Universal programs for the fact that no American citizen should be living in poverty. As of the time of the interview two thirds of the poor within the US population was white. The whites were also hit hard by the de-industrialization, not only the black. Wilson argues that we should talk in Universal terms, about programs that are there to help all Americans get a job. The way to reach the poor is by introducing an alternative avenue to success, they feel neglected and not involved in the white middle/upper-class society so in return they have created their own sphere where they set the rules and where perceived relative deprivation is high. Where the poor blacks have nurtured hatred towards the white middleclass for doing well. 4. Wilson himself grew up in a poor family in rural Pennsylvania. Why does he think he was able to escape poverty against the odds? (3 points) Wilson grew up in a poor family in rural Pennsylvania but still managed to escape poverty since he had a very good role model, namely his Aunt Janice. His aunt (with his mother behind her) pushed Wilson to get an education and took him on trips, to museums and gave him books. She got him on his feet and he took over from there. He was also raised in rural Pennsylvania and not in an inner city, which is a big difference. In the inner city you have a sense of crowdedness, a high rate of crimes, easy access to drugs, and the sense of being imprisoned, which you do not have in the rural parts of the country. This gives you a different outlook on things according to Wilson. 5. In the article we read (â€Å"A Black City Within the White†), Loic Wacquant formulates a strong critique of Wilson and other proponents of the â€Å"underclass† thesis. What is the crux of his critique? Do you agree with Wilson or Wacquant? Why? (6 points) Wilson argues that the significance of race is waning, and an African-American’s class is comparatively more important in determining his or her life chances. Wacquant, on the other hand, argues that a ghetto is not simply a conglomeration of poor families or a spatial accumulation of undesirable social conditions but an institutional form. He points out that it is the instrument of ethnoracial closure and power whereby a population deemed disreputable and dangerous is at once secluded and controlled. Furthermore, he disputes the fact that ghettos were ever simply desolate places of ecological disrepair and social hardship. He points out that there was – and still are – manifestations of a power relation between the dominant white society and its subordinate black caste. I would argue that Wilsons’s argument that the labor market problems African Americans face today are largely due to deindustrialization and consequent skills mismatches. On one hand, African Americans never were especially dependent on jobs in the manufacturing sector, so deindustrialization in itself has not had a major impact on African Americans, and that, on the other hand, the relative labor market success of poorly-educated immigrants in the postindustrial era shows that there is no absence of jobs for those ith few skills. To me, Wilson puts forth the attitude that a persons patterns and norms of behavior tend to be shaped by those with which he or she has had the most frequent or sustained contact and interaction. First, he seems to argue that external influences or differential associations are on of the key pillars to his theory, secondly, the out-migration of middle-class minorities, and thirdly, the problem of distance and spatial mismatch – between inner c ity residents and places of potential employment. He also attributed the increasing rate of inner city marriage disintegration to consistent states of joblessness. I must say that I think Wilson does not give enough emphasis to the role of race. Racial segregation is much more crucial to the development of concentrated poverty and any resulting neighborhood disintegration than black middle-class out-migration, while social class segregation is a very real factor, it is notably intensified when racial segregation is high. Wilson is not acknowledging current discriminatory practices, in my opinion. How to cite Solving Black Inner City Poverty, Papers

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Fundamentals of Management Accounting Barclays Bank PLC

Question: Discuss about a Report on Fundamentals of Management Accounting for Barclays Bank PLC? Answer: I selected Barclays Bank PLC, one of the leading financial institutions. On their company website I found their 2014 year -end report and consolidated position statement. (Or balance sheet). Barclays bank has total liabilities of 1,209,044 million and holds total assets of 1,265,756 million. The debt to asset ratio of the bank is 0.95:1. Ratios above 1 indicate a deteriorating financial health and as the debts are more than the assets. Here the ratio is very close to 1; however still it is in better position as it is below 1 and indicating a good financial health. I compared the 2014 balance sheet to the 2008 balance sheet. I thought this would be a good way to measure the bank performance and ability to survive in the short term during 2008 financial crisis. Total liabilities in 2008 were 1,953,663 million and the total assets were 1,987,542 million. The debt to asset ratio was 0.98:1, showing that the company had not moved much in six years Allan, W. (2008). From the balance sheet, no detail information about the revenue and operating expenses is analyzed as here only the profit is given. Moreover, the balance sheet does not contain any information about the human resource of the company (Barclaysus.com, 2014). Barclay banks balance sheet does not differentiate between current and long term assets. This could be a deficiency when calculating some ratios like current ratio, quick ratio. An investor could make estimation at the current assets but it will not be possible to know the current liabilities unless it is separately mentioned in the balance sheet. References Allan, W. (2008). Fundamentals Of Management Accounting. Amsterdam: CIMA/Elsevier. Barclaysus.com,. (2014). Retrieved 14 August 2015, from https://www.barclaysus.com

Plastic Pollution free essay sample

Plastic pollution today should be stopped immediately. II. A. So much plastic is flowing into the sea that marine animals are dying, our beaches are polluted, and our health may even be at risk. 1. Between 60% and 80% of marine debris is derived from plastic products and enormous quantities of plastic are concentrated in the 5 largest gyres of our ocean, with known serious consequences for marine life and possible grave consequences for the food chain and human health. (â€Å"Plastic Pollution.. †, 2012) 2. Most of the plastic that invades our oceans isn’t biodegradable. (â€Å"Plastic Pollution.. †, 2012) B. Plastic pollution affects every waterway, sea and ocean in the world, which means when we damage out water systems, we’re putting out own well-being at risk. 1. Floating plastic particles look like food to many marine species including the fish that we eat. Compounds found in some plastics have been linked to cancer and hormone disruption. (â€Å"Stop.. †, 2012) 2. Back on the shore, the garbage that washes up on our beaches is much more than eyesore: it can be dangerous to animals and children, and cost millions of dollars in cleanup costs and loss of tourism. We will write a custom essay sample on Plastic Pollution or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page (â€Å"Plastic Pollution.. †, 2012) C. Why the plastic brings the world so much pollution? III. Plastic causes serious damage to environment during its production process and during its disposal process. A. The major chemicals that go into the making of plastic are highly toxic and pose serious threat to living beings of all species on earth. 1. Being composed of toxic chemicals and most importantly a non-biodegradable substance; plastic pollutes earth and leads to air pollution and water pollution. (â€Å"Stop.. †, 2012) 2. Some of the constituents of plastic such as benzene and vinyl chloride are proved to cause cancer, and other gases and liquid hydrocarbons spoil earth and air. â€Å"Stop.. †, 2012) B. Like in the case of all other chemical substances, ‘disposal’ of plastic is a myth. 1. Once plastic is produced, the harm introduced is almost permanent. (Haruno, 2013) 2. Plastic defies any kind of attempt at disposal, be it through recycling, burning or landfilling. (Haruno, 2013) C. All the human beings on earth should think about how to solve this serious problem. IV. The only way to reduce the hazards of plastic pollution is to reduce the use of plastic and thereby force a reduction in its production. A. Try to find a plastic substitute good which is biodegradable. 1. Biodegradable product will have less damage on our environment. When plastic is burned, it has its own disadvantages. 2. Recycling of plastic is associated with skin and respiratory problems resulting from exposure to and inhalation of toxic fumes, especially hydrocarbons and residues released during the process. C. Reducing the use of plastic and reducing the production should be the best way to solve the problem. V. Conclusion A. Plastic pollution is found in all of the world’s oceans. B. The best way to solve the problem is to reduce the use of plastic and reduce the production. C.

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The Moment of Inertia of Flywheel Physics Questions Essay Example For Students

The Moment of Inertia of Flywheel: Physics Questions Essay The flywheel of an engine has moment of inertia 2. 5 kg†¢m2 about its rotation axis. What constant torque is required to bring it up to an angular speed of 400 rev/min in 8s, starting from at rest? A solid, uniform cylinder with mass 8. 25kg and diameter 15cm is spinning at 200 rpm on a thin, frictionless axle that stop the cylinder axis. You design a simple friction brake to stop the cylinder by pressing the brake against the outer rim with a normal force. We will write a custom essay on The Moment of Inertia of Flywheel: Physics Questions specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now The coefficient of kinetic friction between the brake and rim is 0. 333.What must be the applied normal force to bring the cylinder to rest after it has turned through 5. 25 rev? A 2. 2kg hoop 1. 2m in diameter is rolling to the right without slipping on a horizontal floor at a steady 3 rad/s. (a) how fast is its center moving? (b) What is the total kinetic energy of the hip? (c) Find the velocity vector of each of the following points as viewed by a person at rest on the ground: i) the highest point on the hoop; ii) the lowest point on the hoop; iii) the point on the right side of the hoop, midway between the hoop and the bottom. d) Find the velocity vector for each points in part c, except as viewed by someone moving along with same velocity as the hoop. A solid ball is released from res and slides down a hillside that slopes downward at 65 ° from the horizontal. (a) What minimum value must the coefficient of static friction between the hill and ball surfaces have for no slipping to occur? (b) Would the coefficient of friction calculated in part a changed if the mass were doubled to 4kg? pic] A 392N wheel comes off a moving truck and rolls without slipping along a highway. At the bottom of a hill it is rotating at 25 rad/s. The radius of the wheel is 0. 6m, and its moment of inertia about its axis is 0. 8MR2. Friction does work on the wheel as it rolls up the hill to a stop, a height h above the bottom of the hill; this work has absolute value 3500J. Calculate h. A playground merry-go-round has radius 2. 4m and moment of inertia 2100 kg†¢m2 about a vertical axle through its center, and it turns with negligible friction. a) A child applies 18N force tangentially to the edge of the merry-go-round for 15s. If the merry-go-round is initially at rest, what is its angular speed after this 15s interval? (b) How much work did the child do on the merry-go-round? (c) What s the average power supplied by the child? A 1. 5 kg grinding wheel is in the form of a solid cylinder of radius 0. 1m. (a) What constant torque will bring it from rest to an angular speed of 1200 rev/min in 2. 5s? (b) Through what angle has it turned during that time? c) Calculate the work done by the torque. (d) What is the grinding wheel’s kinetic energy when it is rotating at 1200 rev/min? Compare your answer in part c. (a) Compute the torque developed by an industrial motor whose output is 150kW at an angular speed of 4000rev/min. (b) A drum with negligible mass, 0. 4m in diameter, is attached to the motor shaft, and the power output of the motor is used to raise a weight hanging from a rope wrapped around the drum. How heavy a weight can the motor lift at constant speed? c) At what constant speed will the weight raise? The outstretched hands and arms of a figure skater preparing for a spin can be considered a slender rod providing about an axis through its center. His hands and arms can be combined mass 08kg. When outstretched, they span 1. 8m; when wrapped they form a cylinder of radius 25cm. .u6a702cab01b9fd33a271db54e70f33e4 , .u6a702cab01b9fd33a271db54e70f33e4 .postImageUrl , .u6a702cab01b9fd33a271db54e70f33e4 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u6a702cab01b9fd33a271db54e70f33e4 , .u6a702cab01b9fd33a271db54e70f33e4:hover , .u6a702cab01b9fd33a271db54e70f33e4:visited , .u6a702cab01b9fd33a271db54e70f33e4:active { border:0!important; } .u6a702cab01b9fd33a271db54e70f33e4 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u6a702cab01b9fd33a271db54e70f33e4 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u6a702cab01b9fd33a271db54e70f33e4:active , .u6a702cab01b9fd33a271db54e70f33e4:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u6a702cab01b9fd33a271db54e70f33e4 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u6a702cab01b9fd33a271db54e70f33e4 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u6a702cab01b9fd33a271db54e70f33e4 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u6a702cab01b9fd33a271db54e70f33e4 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(https://artscolumbia.org/wp-content/plugins/intelly-related-posts/assets/images/simple-arrow.png)no-repeat; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u6a702cab01b9fd33a271db54e70f33e4:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u6a702cab01b9fd33a271db54e70f33e4 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u6a702cab01b9fd33a271db54e70f33e4 .u6a702cab01b9fd33a271db54e70f33e4-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u6a702cab01b9fd33a271db54e70f33e4:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Saint John Bosco Essay Research Paper The movement of inertia about the rotation of axis of the remainder of his body is constant and equal to 0. 40kg†¢m2. If his original angular speed is 0. 4 rev/s, what is his final angular speed? pic] A large wooden turntable in the shape of a flat uniform disk has a radius of 2m and a total mass of 120kg. The turntable is initially rotating at 3 rad/s about a vertical axis through its center. Suddenly, a 70 kg parachutist makes a soft landing on the turntable at a point near the outer edge. (a) Find the angular speed of the turntable after the parachutist as a particle. (b) Compute the kinetic energy of the system before and after the parachutist lands. Why these kinetic energies are not equal?

Tesco History Corporate strategies, corporate social responsibilities and Advertising

Tesco UPL started in London’s East End. It was founded by Jack Cohen as a one man business. He was a son of a tailor and when he started it, he specialized in selling groceries in the markets of London East End. The company started in 1919 and it adapted its brand name Tesco on 1924.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Tesco History Corporate strategies, corporate social responsibilities and Advertising specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The brand name was delivered from a combination of the initials of its former supplier T.E. Stockwell (TES) with initials (CO) from his surname. Thus, the misconception that the brand name Tesco originated from a combination of his name Jack and his presumed wife Tessa is wrong, since he has never been married to such a woman. Tesco started its first store at Burnt Oak, in 1929 and it started trading its shares in London Stock exchange in 1947. It was in 1956 that it started its first self-service store and first supermarket in St Albans and Maldon respectively (Tesco Corporate Profile (2004, para.5). Tesco has expanded greatly to be the biggest chain of supermarket in United. Internationally, it is placed at position four after Wal-Mart of United States on America, Carrefour of France, and the Home Deport also from the United States of America. Tesco has been successful in opening stores in 14 countries in Europe, North America and Asia. The company has expanded his line of production from specializing in selling groceries by also stocking consumer goods, financial services and Telecoms that has enabled it generate revenue of  £3.41 billion annually(Tesco Corporate Profile (2004, para.7). Tesco-Corporate Strategy Tesco’s expansion over the last three decades comprises of a complete change of its strategy and image. In its early years it used a strategy that was known as ‘pile it high, sells it cheap’. This strategy was initiated by J ack Cohen and was very effective by then, but latter it was not successful in selling the brand to the middle-class customers, since they had a poor image for the brand. In 1970s, many consultants recommended a change of the names of its store due to their poor, an issue that was never implemented.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More They latter changed their strategy that enabled them establish a well consistent growth that facilitated it in 2005 to become the biggest retailer market in United Kingdom with a domestic grocery market share of 29% compared with 16.8% of Wal-Mart who were formerly dominating the market. The company established a strategy that that was aimed at broadening the scope of the business. This was meant to ensure that the company delivers a strong sustainable long-term growth. This new strategy entailed expanding the domestic markets to offer diversified p roducts such as non-food, telecoms and financial services. This strategy which was initiated in 1997 is the one that ensured the growth and success of the company. This strategy comprises of five elements; Core UK: Tesco has the biggest domestic market in United Kingdom. Approximately 70% of their growth and profit occurs in UK. It has over 2,200 stores that have enabled to employ more than 285,000 people. Its expansion in UK happens as a result of extending its established store, opening new store and lastly by the strategy of multi-format approach. Its sale of non-food has greatly boosted the expansion of the company. To sell its products, Tesco has adapted five diverse store formats which are costumed to meet the needs of their customers. They are categorized according to what they stock and size. They include; Express (up to 3,000 sq ft) Tesco has more than 960 such stores that sell a range of up 7,000 products to their customers. They are located close to where their customer l ive and work for convenience while buying. They stock high quality and fresh food stuff, wines and spirit. Metro (approx. 7,000-15,000 sq ft) The company has more than 170 metro. The first metro was established in 1992. Metro are aimed at enhancing the conveniences of shopping in towns and city centers. They stock variety of products including sandwiches and ready-meals, Superstore (approx. 20,000-50,000 sq ft) Tesco have more than 450 such stores that stock a wide range of products. Nowadays they have diverse products that include non-food products such as books and DVDsAdvertising We will write a custom essay sample on Tesco History Corporate strategies, corporate social responsibilities and Advertising specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Extra (approx. 60,000 sq ft and above) In the United Kingdom, there are over 175 such stores. They stock a wide range of non-food and food products. These products include clothing, health and be auty, electrical equipments and others. The Homeplus is another store that is on trial .They are 10 in numbers and are aimed mostly at stocking on non-food products. Apart from Tesco designing its stores in various formats to suit its customers, it offers its products in a broadened appeal. Tesco is continually investing to expand their line of production to offer their customers a wide variety of products to choose from. Tesco products enable various people to purchase their different products to supplement their lifestyle. For instance, their nutrition labeling educates their customers on the key information that enable them make an informed decision when buying from their stores. The recent economic depression had challenged their business greatly and as a result invented 500 more products that will enable various categories of customers to buy various products at a cheaper price without compromising on quality. Tesco stores are designed to appeal all the classes of their custome rs in reference to their social economic status. They ensure it by forming a slogan named ‘I’m not aware of any other retailer achieving’ this slogan has enabled Tesco appeal to every segment of UK market. Tesco Clubcard is a global leading loyalty card scheme that has information that enable Tesco understands its customer better and give them an opportunity to appreciate their customer for shopping with them. Tesco possess more than 8 million distinct coupons. Each clubcard mailing designed to reflect the type of bid suitable for any of their customer. The company has more than 15 million active cardholders. Tesco is the biggest private employer in UK with a workforce of more than 285,000. The company offers its customers packages of pay and benefit like children care vouchers or Save As you Earn. This is a scheme for saving that enables their customer to purchase shares at a discounted rate (Tesco PLC, 2010 Para. 6).). In summary, Tesco has used the strategy of diversification to become among the leading firms globally.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The ability of the firm to succeed in selling its own-brand to its customers has helped the company make sufficient profit as this strategy ensures that a company retains a higher percentage of the overall profit. Thus, the company has enough resources at its disposal to expand to other places locally and also globally. Another strategy adapted by Tesco is core UK business. This involves stocking of grocery in its home market. This retailing is characterized by very strategic moves that entails opening large scale store in areas that other competing firms have shunned to explore. This strategy gives Tesco the advantage of being the first entrant thus; concentrating on establishing a strong brand in those areas such that other competing firms cannot be able to match its performance when they venture in these areas latter on. Non-food businesses-Apart from being successful in its grocery business, Tesco has also diversified its operations to include non-food products such as cloths, e lectronics, health and beauty products among others. This new diversification has ensured high revenues and especially in Ireland where it records very high revenues due to the sale of CDs. Retailing services;-Tesco has also expanded its operations to offer services such as personal finance. It has succeeded in the retailing services by entering in joints with other main players in the sector. This has strengthened its brand and expanded its customer base. Other competing firms in UK have also adapted this strategy, but Tesco have implemented it more strategically a move that has ensured this venture very profitable (Tesco PLC, 2010 Para. 8). For example, Tesco clients enjoy banking services from Tesco Bank which was initially a joint venture between Tesco and the Royal Banking of Scotland. It gives its customers offers on various products such as loan, credit cards among others. This new service ventures helps the firm record very high profits that assist the firm to venture in new services or areas. Tesco is also engaged in the cell phone industry. It cells various home phones, mobile phone and broadband business to various consumers across the globe. It has liaised with successful experts of existing telecom operators.International-Tesco started to expand outside UK in early 1994, and in 2005 it was successful to globalize approximately 20% of its operations mainly in central Europe and Far East (Tesco PLC, 2010 Para. 10). Tesco Social Responsibilities Buying and selling their products responsibly: Tesco have thousands of suppliers globally. They prefer their suppliers to be innovative and dynamic. To ensure it, they spend approximately  £800m of their turn over in United Kingdom for local sourcing. Tesco verify where their products originate from and also ensure they are produced in accordance to their standards. To achieve a very competent workforce that will be dynamic and very effective, Tesco has trained more than 400 suppliers in China, India, Bangl adesh, Spain and United Kingdom on how to enhance labor Standards to realize a workforce that is self motivated and very competent (Tesco Corporate Social Responsibilities, 2010, Para.2). Protecting the Environment: Tesco is committed in ensuring that its activities have very little negative impact on environmental. It achieves this by leasing with its supplies and encouraging them to ensure they use environmental friendly production methods to minimize pollution. Tesco has a vision to reduce its carbon emission to zero by 2050 by adapting the following strategies. Reducing carbon emission in all the new stores they will erect and the existing ones by 2020(Tesco Corporate Social Responsibilities, 2010, Para.3). Creating good jobs and careers:-Tesco employees are more than 285,000. Thus, Tesco expansion is an assurance that it will continue to give people more employment opportunities that assure them of a daily source of income for themselves and their families (Tesco Corporate Soci al Responsibilities, 2010, Para.3). Assisting customers make healthy choices:-Tesco products are labeled accordingly to assist various customers make informed decisions, while buying from their stores. They encourage their customers to purchase and eat more vegetables and fruits. It is done by offering discounts and promotions on such products. They occasionally take direct roles to ensure that their customers get healthy. They encourage people to lead active lifestyles. Healthy lifestyle helps one to balance the energy they consume to the one they expend. Some of the strategies it has adapted to make sure people live healthy lifestyles is by supporting aerobics and soccer tournaments for its customers (Tesco Corporate Social Responsibilities, 2010, Para.4). Advertisements Tesco capitalizes on the power of strategic advertisement to sell its brand locally and globally. It is noted as one company that uses very many advertisements yearly. It’s advertisements emphasis about aff ordable prices for their products and on healthy living. Tesco’s marketing department is very dynamic and innovative on the most successive advert to employ. The following are examples of adverts that have been used in the past; in 1982 it used its famous advert referred as â€Å"Checkout 82† .this advert involved a till with receipt coming from it with various prices. In 2003 Tesco advertised through adverts that comprised of items and shopping trolley that contained information about Tesco. Currently, Tesco is using adverts that comprises of celebrates such as the Spice Girls In conclusion, Tesco can be considered as a very successful company that originated from scratch to become a global company through its strategic chose of its corporate strategy, Social responsibility and Advertising. Thus, it can be a good role model for those upcoming companies that they can live beyond their odds to become among the leading organizations in the world. Reference List Tesco Cor porate Profile (2004). Retrieved from  https://corporatewatch.org/tesco-company-profile/ Tesco Corporate Social Responsibilities (2010). Retrieved from  https://www.tesco-programmes.com/ Tesco PLC (2010) .Tesco Strategy. Retrieved from  https://www.tescoplc.com/about-us/ This essay on Tesco History Corporate strategies, corporate social responsibilities and Advertising was written and submitted by user Emerson Hensley to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Padgett Company Essays

Padgett Company Essays Padgett Company Essay Padgett Company Essay The current market Is being dominated by large companies, and recent events such as Inflation, tax rule changes and drop In the stock market caused smaller firms to ell, opening the business for more consolidation. As a response to the market situation and part of our companys financing activity, we had borrowed small amounts off and on from Salon Trust Company of Richmond on a short term 90-day notes for minor acquisitions. We took significantly more debt when the company decided to acquire Trip-State Tablet. Salon Trust Company has considered us a valued client and a major contributor to its profitability, as our only lending bank in 1997. The bank also serves as depository of the companys tax payments. Thus, Salon has been generous in lending us to the mint that It allowed exceeding its credit limit with the rate still continued at a prime and with no protective covenants. Potential threat from Phoenix Bank where we had small deposits also led to the loan doubling up to almost $8 million with Salon without a carefully structured financial program. To properly restructure our companys debt, Salon Trust proposed options that will be beneficial to both and acceptable to Passages management. Initial meetings proved unsuccessful with us refusing to agree to a long term loan through an insurance company financing because of high rates and fancy covenants. We dont eve much knowledge of finance so we prefer straightforward options. The bank prepared a forecast detailing the effects of a 5, 10 and 15% growth of the company, In the hopes to align our goals to theirs. We have also decided to shift to LIFO method of valuation for their Inventory for tax purposes, resulting In a $kick tax benefit. In Dalton, a redundant warehouse will be disposed of giving them an additional $kick from the cash sale and tax refunds. Several alternatives were available to ten company In terms AT restructuring Its loan out we would want something that is simple, straightforward and beneficial for us. Also, the interest tastes were pretty volatile from a low of 6% in the years of 1992-1994 up to 8 1/4% prime for year 1996. Fixed rate would usually entail 2 h to 1 % above the floating rate. Our companys current market standing though allows us to get a competitive rate. As part of Peps management, we need to determine the best option that the company can choose among the alternatives presented by the bank regarding the restructuring of the companys short term debt. All the options available to APP will be reviewed, which would include the alternatives cited by Salon, as well as the other options available in the market that Salon did not include in his commendations to us. The effects of each of these alternatives on the Income Statement and liquidity ratios would be quantified and qualified to come up with the optimal capitalization position. Analysis The current capital structure of Budget makes it difficult for Salon to continue issuing debt to our company. But the sales of APP has been growing and is projected to keep growing in the next few years, and the company would be needing more capital to finance their expansion. The main question would be how we would finance this increase in sales debt or equity? It is apparent that we lean more awards debt as a source of fund since the market considers APP as illiquid and has a thin market. We were using short term, 90 day notes payable to finance our growing business. Although this might save us a certain amount of interest, this places our liquidity in a compromising position. Given this, theres a need to restructure the current debt structure of our company. Salon named some alternatives available to us, and there are also options in the market that we can consider. We need to analyze all of these alternatives to come up with a recommended debt structure that would enhance the liquidity position of our company. Hence, each option was analyzed. With Salon urging us to shift our short term notes payable into long term debt, there remains the option to maintain the current structure of short term 90-day loans. If we choose this option, this would merely entail for the company to do nothing, or use other banks to sustain this current position if Salon is steadfast to their opinion that they will not maintain the current agreement with APP. This however poses a liquidity problem for the company, posting a negative cash flow even at 15% growth rate for the next 3 years. A second option, and what Salon is also trying to recommend is for us to accept the Eng term restructuring via a long-term debt from the insurance company at 9. 5% mull rate Tort 1 years. I nee terms Tort tens are quilt Nell, Ana normally, insurance companies would require covenants that the company should strictly follow within the duration of the agreement. Listed below are other options as discussed by Salon to split the loan through the following alternatives: $3 million appraisal value of Peps general purpose warehouse as collateral for a mortgage loan. APP has a warehouse appraised at $3 million, which is higher than the reported book value of the asset. This will be part of the long-term liability of APP, giving us more flexibility with the use of their working capital. $1 million possible loan from Canadian Banks through its Canadian Subsidiary net current assets. This was proposed by Salon in light of Peps Canadian operation through its subsidiary. If they have a good banking relationship in Canada, they might be able to arrive with a competitive interest rate, with flexible terms. For this study, for conservatively purposes, we will assume that Canadian banks would impose the same interest rate as its US counterparts floating interest rate. Factoring option of accounts receivable at 2%. Due to the large amount of receivable that APP has in its balance sheet, we can consider factoring the companys receivables to factor banks. The advice of Salon is to factor the Ears in a no-recourse, 2% term. The value of which is that they would be able to realize and convert the receivables into cash which APP would be able to use as their working capital, and it would then be the responsibility of the factor bank to monitor and collect on the receivables as they become due. Wait until part of the loan is retired and rotate it with other banks to allow clean p. This option is very much like keeping the obligations of the company current, except that they would be dealing with various banks. This is an alternative to Salon, so that we would be able to have a certain amount of time where their account is cleaned up with Salon, while the loan sits on another bank, where it waits to be due, and transferred back to Salon, or another bank to be rotated. As the goal is to come up with the best suitable loan mix for the company, all the variables are factored in. All of these options are available to the company, and all have their pros and cons as discussed above. It must be noted though that we are very conservative, and is not well versed financially.

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Significance in Literature essays

Significance in Literature essays An Example in Literature of How An Experience Can Have Significance on a Persons Life In the short story Walk Well, My Brother the author, Farley Mowat, develops the idea that a significant experience can lead to a change in how one individual views another individual. The story shows us how a person can learn from another person that is very different from them and be moved by their selflessness into becoming a better person. It also shows us how important it is for people not to judge others for superficial reasons. An individual can learn a lot from people that are very different from them. I feel that this story was written to illustrate that point. The story tells us about a man named Charlie Lavery who was twenty six years old and believed that he was capable of taking care of himself no matter what the situation. The story gives us evidence of this when the author says, he was very much of the new elite that believed that any challenge...could be dealt with by good machines in the hands of skilled men. Charles also had no knowledge of the arctic or of the people that lived there because he felt that he did not need this knowledge as long as he had his machines. It was this ignorance that led him to feel so disgusted with the natives that lived there because he did not understand their way of life. When the machines that he so greatly relied on were no longer of use, he had no knowledge to fall back on. He was completely dependent on a native girl, Konola, whom he despised when he fi rst met. His inability to take care of himself forced him to co-operate and to try and understand this person who was so foreign to him. If it werent for the situation that he was in, he would never have made that effort and crossed the barriers that he had made between himself and the natives. In this story, Konola never once acts in a selfish manner towards Charles. She was very ill with tuberculosis and sh ...

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Behavior is hereditary Essay Example for Free

Behavior is hereditary Essay The whole issue of nature and nurture is complex with potential debates centered round their influences on human development. Nature refers to the traits inherited from parents while nurture refers to the influence of the environment to an individual’s behavior (Lippa 2005, p. 26). Psychological research shows that both nature and nature have a general influence on the physical and behavioral characteristics of people. This paper seeks to explain the factors which affect nature and nurture. The nature theory holds that human behavior is hereditary. True to the theory, some traits such as blood type and eye color are known to be predominantly genetic. It can therefore be asserted that genetic variation of people affects the development and characteristics of the next generation (Lippa 2005, p. 28). Nurture on the other side holds that the environment in which an individual is brought up in influences his or her behavior. In this context therefore, it can be acknowledged that the ability of an individual to interact and conform to the societal requirements and the environment at large affects the degree to which the environment can influence the individual’s behavior (Lippa 2005, p. 28). Still to be noted here is the effect of age on the influence of nature and nurture. Inherited traits are first noticed when a child is born. As the child grows up to teenage, behavioral characteristics are predominantly influenced by the environment because of the interactive nature of people at this stage of growth as well as the ability to conform to peers and the society at large (Lerner & Bearer 2004, p. 86). At adult stages, people tend to become more independent hence less influenced by the environment. At this stage therefore nature prevails but the nurture traits acquired at early stages of growth remains effective. In conclusion therefore, nature and nurture are undoubtedly influential to human development. Nature gives inborn traits while nurture takes these inborn abilities and changes them with age to fit the individual’s environment. ? Bibliography Lippa, R 2005, Gender, nature, and nurture, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc. Lerner, R, & Bearer, E 2004, Nature and Nurture: The Complex Interplay of Genetic and Environment. Routledge: New York. Behavior is hereditary. (2016, Sep 12).

Apa Style Guide

American Psychological Association (APA) APA Style Manual 6th Edition Quick Reference Writing-Style Handbook Strayer University March 1, 2010 Table of Contents INTRODUCTION4 CHAPTER 1 Basic Form and Appearance5 Margins5 Spacing5 Font Styles5 Page Numbers5 Page Headers6 Title Page6 Headings8 Numbers9 Lists10 Abbreviations10 Tables and Figures10 CHAPTER 2SUPPORTING DOCUENTATION FOR ACADEMIC PAPERS13 In–Text Citation13 Direct Quotations14 Works with no Author or with an Anonymous Author15 Work by Two Authors16 Work by Multiple Authors, five or more16 Paraphrasing17 Do Not Plagiarize18 Using Block Quotations19 Reference List: Basic Rules20 References within the Reference List20 Reference Examples for Periodicals 20 Reference Examples for Non-Periodicals21 Electronic Sources22 Examples for Internet Sources22 Miscellaneous Sources 24 CHAPTER 3 ADDITIONAL RESOURCES26 APA Writing Style Quick Reference Introduction This writing-style handbook is intended to provide basic examples of APA style, modeled after the 6th edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (2010). The intent is not to provide detailed instructions relative to every question that may arise. The quick reference is to help students become familiar with the APA style of writing academic papers in a university setting. The key is getting students to not fear writing assignments. Writing is like reading. Students need a lot of practice to help them master the skill. Chapter 1 BASIC FORM AND APPEARANCE Setting up the paper: Margins Set up all margins, using 1-inch margins on all sides of each page. Justify the left side of the page, leave the right side ragged. Spacing The first line of each paragraph should be indented five spaces. The text, throughout the paper, must be doubled-spaced. Use one or two spaces between sentences and one space between words. Be consistent throughout paper. Font Styles The text, throughout the paper, must be written in the same font: Use Time New Roman. Use 12-point size. For emphasis, italics may be used; do not use bold, underlining, or all-capital letters. Page Numbers Insert page numbers in the upper right-hand corner, 1† inside the margin of the paper and ? † from top of page (see Example 1). When inserting the page numbers, do not use the abbreviation P. or p. or the word page. All pages will be numbered in sequence, starting with the title page (page 1) and ending with the reference list. Page Headers Typically, the running head is required only for publication. Check with your instructor regarding the preference for using a running head. The words Running head, only appear on the title page. Use no more than the first 50 characters of the title, left justified of the page number, located in the page header of the paper, and located ? † from the top of the page and 1† from the right edge of the paper. Running-Page Header and Page Number Running head: TITLE OF PAPER1| Title Page A title page is included. When creating a title page, the following information must be centered on the page: Running head and page number Full title of the paper Author’s Name Strayer University Instructor Course (MKT500) Date Complete Title Page with Page Header and Running head Running head: APA QUICK REFERENCE 1 APA Quick Reference Writing-Style HandbookAuthorStrayer UniversityInstructorCourseDate| Headings To organize a paper using headings, establish a hierarchy of sections throughout the paper. This hierarchy functions as an outline, revealing the paper’s organizations. Add an extra space above headings, to set off new topics. Center-section headings contain no caps or underlining. Bold must be used. There are 5-heading levels, in APA, to separate and classify paper sections. The 6th edition of the APA manual revises and simplifies previous heading guidelines. Regardless of the number of levels, always use the headings in order, beginning with level one. The format of each level is illustrated below: APA Headings| Level| Format| 1| Centered, Boldface, Uppercase, and Lowercase Headings| 2| Left-aligned, Boldface, Uppercase, and Lowercase Heading| 3| Indented, boldface, and lowercase heading with period. | 4| Indented, boldface, italicized, and lowercase heading with period. Paraphrased: Passage rewritten to express the idea of the author, but in your own words: For many employees with health problems, often making the decision of whether or not to change jobs is based on the need to maintain the same health insurance coverage and not on the prospect of a better career opportunity (Baker, 2003) ** Three or more consecutive words directly from a source is considered a direct quote and must be cited as a direct quote. Citing Personal Communications: For letters, memos, e-mail, interviews:S. U. Varnes (personal communication, May 12, 2001). *Do not list on Reference page. | Using Block Quotations Block Quotes are identified as a freestanding quote with more than 40 words. Indent the Quote only five spaces from the left margin. Do not use quotation marks. * See the example for formatting block quotations. Note that the end punctuation, for a block quotation, follows the quotation, not the citation. * End the quotation with a period. Block Quotation Author’s name not given within sentence used to introduce quote: When we compare adult students who return to college after being in the workplace we find Adult students are often more dedicated to achieving their college education than many traditional students. Most adult students who make the choice to return to college are accustomed to prioritizing their tasks. These individuals have experienced the demands of juggling their responsibilities and are more willing and able to take the initiative to succeed in their academic career (Smith, 2002, p. 121). Many adults who have excelled in their professional lives know how to apply themselves in their new academic life. Author’s name used to introduce quote: Smith (2002) points out that adult student are often more dedicated to achieving their college education than many traditional students. Most adult students who make the choice to return to college are accustomed to prioritizing their tasks. These individuals have experienced the demands of juggling their responsibilities and are more willing and able to take the initiative to succeed in their academic career (p. 121). Many adults who have excelled in their professional lives know how to apply themselves in their new academic life. Reference List: Basic Rules and Format Your reference list should appear at the end of your paper. It provides the information necessary for a reader to locate and retrieve any source you cite in the body of the paper. Each source, you cite in the paper, must appear in your reference list; likewise, each entry in the reference list must be cited in your text. Your references should begin on a new page, separate from the text of the essay; label this page References centered at the top of the page. (Do NOT underline, or use quotation marks for the title. ) All text should be double-spaced just like the rest of your essay. Your references must be in alphabetical order and reverse indented when the references are more than one line. References within the Reference Page Reference Examples for Periodicals Magazine Article, No Author [article title. (year, month day). magazine name, volume (issue #, if applicable), page number(s). ] Duke Power understates earnings. (2003, May 1). Newsweek, 5(1), 23-24| Magazine Article, One Author [author last name, first initial. (year, month day). article title, magazine name, volume (issue number, if applicable), page number(s),] Smith, J. (2003, May 1). Duke Power understates earnings. Newsweek, 5(1), 23-24| Magazine Article, Multiple Authors If a magazine or journal article has more than two authors, identify all authors by name. Do not use et al.

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Business Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 10

Business Ethics - Essay Example The most common conflicts that arise in any organization is the inter and intra group conflicts. They may involve individuals or the whole company or sometimes the management. The differences that arise between the two employees can result from the difference in their approaches towards the work and environment in which they come across. As they both have different personalities, attitudes and also different families, their objective or vision may differ from the objective of the company or from the management under which they are working (Srinivasan). Apart from that, these conflicts can be developed between the two teams or groups of an organization. These conflicts arise when one of the teams feels differently about the other. Sometimes the member of any group raises some issues about another group or team. On this basis, rather to stay in his team and work, he prefers to leave it due to inter and intra group conflict. According to the survey conducted by Kathleen Cox, B. PhD, RN, intra group conflicts severely affect the functioning of the employees. It has the negative effect over the performances of team as well as on individuals. According to her research, it is important for the management to build an administration that can work to overcome the agitated environment of the company while maintaining the significance of team working (Cox). The culture and diversity in an organization can be defined or seen as the â€Å"beliefs, norms, or values† that allow the members of an organization to work accordingly. The diversity is referred to the identification of difference in opinions and cultures or behaviors among the people and then enables them to work under one roof. There are differences between employees but to maintain a better workplace and to build an effective team or corporation is what the culture and diversity all about. However, it is difficult to manage an organization with diversified ideas and approaches (Williams). As

Movie Analysis of Ender's Game (2013) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Movie Analysis of Ender's Game (2013) - Essay Example The novel is fashioned on purely speculative future invasion of the earth by an alien insectoid race referred to as ‘buggers’ (Card, 2002).The Enders Game (2013) film adaptation has combined the futuristic speculation with the current action, in which Ender Wiggins, the protagonist kid in this film ends up actually fighting and wining against the alien Formics, while he still believes that he is in the process of training. Thus, the film Enders Game (2013) is an epic science fiction film that rarely demonstrates anything of the realistic world, but rather focuses purely on scientific inventions, technologies and speculated future events that are not based on any realistic worldly happening either at present or in the past. The film, Enders Game (2013), is science fiction film, owing to the fact that the film presents a futuristic theme of war between the planet earth and aliens from another planet, based on no realistic prediction or occurrence that would trigger such a war. One of the fundamental elements that qualify a film as a science fiction genre is the fashioning of the film based on a futuristic setting (Morse, 2006). In this respect, the film Enders Game (2013) presents the preparation of genius kids for a battle between the earth and another planet, which happens many years into the future. The alien Formic had invaded the earth previously and caused the death of millions of people, and therefore the most gifted and talented of all kids have been recruited into the battle school to be trained in readiness of fighting the next evasion that is anticipated. The film Enders Game (2013) becomes an epic science fiction, owing to the fact that the course of training the kids and winning the war over the Formic aliens takes the form of training on unrealistic settings such as the zero gravity ‘battle room’ (Hood, 2013). Ender Wiggin is

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Case study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Case Study Example â€Å"Its built around the recognition that everything we do in connection with our work at Google will be, and should be, measured against the highest possible standards of ethical business conduct† (Google investor relations, 2009, par. 2). This recognition is absolutely crucial to maintain quality employees and ethical business relationships. The ethical code of conduct is specifically written and provided to all employees, and it is taken into account when hiring any new employee. The goal is to avoid bringing in a new staff member that does not share in the same vision or the same values and ethics as the rest of the company. â€Å"Our commitment to the highest standards helps us hire great people, who then build great products, which in turn attract loyal users. Trust and mutual respect among employees and users are the foundation of our success, and they are something we need to earn every day† (Google investor relations, 2009, par. 2). The Google Code of Conduct states that the employees and the actions of the company must service the customers or users, respect one another, avoid conflicts of interest, preserve confidentiality, protect Google’s assets, ensure financial integrity and responsibility, and obey the law (Google investor relations, 2009). These principles are very substantial and can easily be maintained by each person as long as they put the company first over the personal gains and interests they may have. Many of these principles can also hold a long-term position within Google Company and make for a highly beneficial future, as long as they continue to uphold the principles. The major task that Google faces is to avoid negativity within the company or the view of the public, and to ensure that the defined principles are truly upheld. The goal is lofty, but Google Company can definitely achieve it as long as they continue to hire good people and always strive to

Most influential event in American history from 1750 to present Essay

Most influential event in American history from 1750 to present - Essay Example This paper examines the devastating impacts of the Japanese operation on United States of America later well-known as Pearl Harbor attacks and as result unprecedented reactions from the people of America. Attacks on the Pearl Harbor navy station enhanced the unity of American nation in their decision to fight and defeat their opponent. Pearl Harbor attacks provoked the United States’ participation in the Second World War and reorganization of its national security. United States had experienced other attacks that took place earlier to the Pearl Harbor. However, none of them was as destructive and surprising as the Pearl Harbor attacks. Additionally, the attack was the first to be conducted in the territory of American State. The military assault began in the morning of December 7, 1941 and it targeted American navy stationed in the Pearl Harbor. According to John Toland, the Pearl Harbor attacks were planned and executed by the Imperial Japanese Army. During all the period, th e Second World War had been going on for two years but the United States of America had not yet joined the conflict. Japan, Italy, and Germany as the main aggressors were concerned about the imminent involvement of the United States of America in the war. Due to the apparent dominance of the American navy, the Japanese military premeditated the Pearl Harbor assault to prevent United States of America from joining war by weakening its naval facility.