Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Business Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 10

Business Ethics - Essay Example The most common conflicts that arise in any organization is the inter and intra group conflicts. They may involve individuals or the whole company or sometimes the management. The differences that arise between the two employees can result from the difference in their approaches towards the work and environment in which they come across. As they both have different personalities, attitudes and also different families, their objective or vision may differ from the objective of the company or from the management under which they are working (Srinivasan). Apart from that, these conflicts can be developed between the two teams or groups of an organization. These conflicts arise when one of the teams feels differently about the other. Sometimes the member of any group raises some issues about another group or team. On this basis, rather to stay in his team and work, he prefers to leave it due to inter and intra group conflict. According to the survey conducted by Kathleen Cox, B. PhD, RN, intra group conflicts severely affect the functioning of the employees. It has the negative effect over the performances of team as well as on individuals. According to her research, it is important for the management to build an administration that can work to overcome the agitated environment of the company while maintaining the significance of team working (Cox). The culture and diversity in an organization can be defined or seen as the â€Å"beliefs, norms, or values† that allow the members of an organization to work accordingly. The diversity is referred to the identification of difference in opinions and cultures or behaviors among the people and then enables them to work under one roof. There are differences between employees but to maintain a better workplace and to build an effective team or corporation is what the culture and diversity all about. However, it is difficult to manage an organization with diversified ideas and approaches (Williams). As

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