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IT Shoes Business Plan PowerPoint Presentation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

IT Shoes Business Plan - PowerPoint Presentation Example The present research has identified that IT Shoes business is as well popularly known for supplying high quality materials which is used to manufacture high quality shoes. The company’s shoes sizes ranges from 5 to 10. The IT Shoes company long term plan is to become the world leader in the supply of ladies shoes. The company current popularity and increased sales and profitability is to a great extent brought about by its reputation in offering convenient means of selling its shoes to local customers. Therefore, to become the world leaders in the contemporary multifaceted global market, the company ought to have an effective business plan which incorporates views and options of all players. Moreover, based on the available financial statistics, the business requires some external financial assistance to facilitate its long term development plan. Moreover, the level of the company market competition is relatively low compared to other global markets. The subsequent essay there fore offers and effective IT shoes business. The IT Shoes business intends to be the world leaders in ladies shoes. The company also intends to develop a good reputation in providing convenient means of selling goods through all marketing means including online marketing. Moreover, to effectively compete in modern market, the organisation ought to develop a good reputation for reliable delivery in local and international market. The organisation as well has a vision of becoming overall shoes dealers in European market. Products The company long term plan is to be in a position of providing convenient, trustworthy, and safe means of selling its products in local and global markets. A part from its current variety, the IT Shoes Company also plans to increase its variety by including other several emerging types of shoes. In the next five years, the IT Shoes Company is therefore planning to increase the variety of fashionable shoes, widen the variety of its shoes styles and colours, in crease the quality of shoes which is used to manufactures shoes, as well as selling half size shoes (Reuters 26). Expected Annual Sales and Profit for the year Sales $ 500,000 Expenses $ 450000 Profit $ 50000 Form of Payment IT Shoes business is planning to avail all forms of payment including EFTPOS and cash. The aim of this plan is to enable the company’s customers to purchase their products in large quantity at any time. On the other hand, the company is planning to ensure that, it fully abides by the existing regulations in their plans to introduce new payment mechanisms. At present, the IT Shoes Company relies on several forms of payments including cheques, money orders, master cards and visa. Key Partners The main aims of the involvement of partners in the business plan is to enable the company reduce its operation cost and increased the general profitability. Being the main targeted market areas, IT Shoes company key partners are night clubs and bars. Night clubs and b ars help the IT Shoes business to effectively market its products to its potential customers. On the other hand, vending machine providers are also the major partners of the company. In its plan, IT Shoes plans to distribute readymade products to its products to new markets areas. Value Proposition and Customer Relationship At present, the IT Shoes Company has successfully identified the existing value addiction gap in shoes industry. In its operations and marketing strategy, the IT Shoes Co

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