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Letter to Complain to the Creator of the Simpsons Matt Groening :: essays research papers

To Matt Groening (Creator of the Simpsons), I am writing to you regarding a particularly concerning chronological succession of the Simpsons. I am a big fan of the simpsons and have enjoyed watching it for years, and until this day have never had to complain about it. I am shocked, maddened and appalled about the way you, in the episode blood feud, represented the elderly in a very stereotypical way, the use of inappropriate language, the demo of death also the disgusting display of nudity. I am aware that many people find these things funny, you may well be one of them, only if I am not, neither are the hundreds and thousands of parents who have had to punish their children because they have imitated the simpsons and consequently hurt themselves or some other innocent person. Firstly I would like to inform you, because you obviously you do not already know, that in our modern society it is up to us to teach our children respect for the elderly, it is already lumbering enough with out you showing the elderly to be cruel, greedy and in homers fathers case boring. I understand that a lot of characters are stereotypical in your show to make it funny, but I advise you in future to make the characters less offending. Secondly the amount of unnecessary violence is not funny, Is not attracting more viewers and is not good for children to see. It is teaching children ?if some body annoys me I can only make the situation better by strangulation him or her.? Thirdly I must express my concern for the sickening display of nudity. I must say Mr.Burns?s bottom is not a very pleasant sight. I would appreciate it if you thought long and hard if this high level of nudity is necessary. my forth point I would like you to burgeon forth into consideration is the scene which shows Mr.

To Be, or Be Two Essay -- Essays Papers

To Be, or Be Two Imagine walking down the street, or seeing mortal on the television and think they look moreover like you, or someone you know. As much as they may look like you, you pretty much know there is no descent between you and the look-alike. However, in todays day and age, it is nearly possible that the look-alike is really a clone of you. Now of course, it is not this simple, but the point is, with science today, cells, and in the end people, are being cloned. These actions of cloning are for both human and therapeutic purposes. Cells are being cloned for the sake of fertility reasons, and to grow cells for new organs. Is this right? I personally disagree with the fact of cloning human embryos for the purpose of creating new people. I feel it is morally wrong, as well as a separate for the clone of the person. Supporting my argument is research from Gary McCuens Cloning Science and Society, and an article from The Ithaca Journal, Stem Cells Grow from Cl ones, Controversial Reports Show. While reading Gary McCuens Cloning Science and Society, I came across points both for and against cloning human embryos. No matter how hard I tried to read his points with an open mind, I was not able to act as myself to terms with the reasons for cloning human embryos. A major reason some people feel it is acceptable to clone human embryos is for the benefits of infertile couples (13). These embryos would be transported with the process of in vitro fertilization, but they would not be like typical in vitro fertilization processes. Since many in vitro births do not succeed, researchers have gear up that it may be possible to clone the in vitro embryos and allow the couple to have more chances a... no benefit to anyone. I feel it leads to a tyke feeling like they are not good enough because they are not who they are expected to be. I also feel it leads to guilt indoors the babe, and a feeling of failure. The child is always g oing to feel like they were not able to live up to the standards predetermined by society. A child has the right to be their own person. I feel cloning the human embryo is not necessary because society has managed to survive thus far without it, wherefore not continue that way? I feel every child has the right to be who they want to be, they should not have to duplicate the life of someone who already lived it. Works Cited McCuen, Gary E. Cloning Science and Society. Wisconsin Gary McCuen Publications, 1998.Neus, Elizabeth. Stem Cells Grow From Clones, Controversial Report Shows. The Ithaca Journal 27 April 2001.

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Transparency and exchange of instruction No place to hide all over the years, the focus of the inter peopleal community has been on transparency and the exchange of information. These have become more urgent in the aftermath of the global recession which has labor public revenue flows in both developing and developed countries. Transparency is important on a local and global scale because it is a meat to mitigate financial crimes. It protects investors, as well as public revenue. Transparency also generates public trust in our systems and increases confidence and stability in the backing environment.The drive towards global transparency and automatic exchange of information has gained new impetus after the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) was turn out by the US and following the relevant intergovernmental agreements which are being signed in this respect. The ultimate aim of FATCA is to make it more difficult for persons conjectural for US appraiseation to evade pay ment of those taxes by concealing assets and income in non-US institutions. It is an attempt to lift the veil of privacy in the financial services world(a) and to utilize the financial institutions as reporting and enforcement agents on behalf of the US tax authorities which would be both time consuming and costly for the financial institutions.Furthermore, tax evasion and transparency were the themes of the latest G8 summit which was held in Ireland in June, 2013. During that meeting, the G8 nations consented to tighten rules on corporate tax that sometimes allow companies to shift income from one nation to another in order to avoid taxes. They agreed that companies and legal arrangements should have to disclose their true owners and that this information shoul... ...tions received will be assessed and form the origination of appropriate policies which will, in turn, contribute to the revision of their AML / CTF regulation regimes.Finally, the FATF, the global standard-setter wi th respect to anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT), recognises the importance of UBO information and the adit to it. Recommendations 24 and 25 state that countries must take measures to prevent the misuse of legal persons and legal arrangements for AML/CFT by ensuring there is adequate, accurate and timely information on beneficial ownership. This information needs to be accessible in a timely fashion by competent authorities and therefore all countries should consider measures to facilitate access to beneficial ownership and control information from financial institutions and Designated Non-Financial Business Providers.

Modernist Myth in Suna no Onna’s The Woman in the Dunes Essay -- Movie

Modernist Myth in Suna no Onnas The Woman in the Dunes The Woman in the Dunes (Suna no Onna, 1964) was enjoin by Hiroshi Teshigahara and based on the novel by Kobo Abe and falls into the camp of modernism. Its a faithful adaptation and has realistic and expressionistic elements. Because it is a legend and paradoxical, there are many interpretations in other words, were on our own with this one. An entomologist (Niki) is walking in a stark desert-scape. Everything is shot in black and white. There are closeups of bugs and sand. In one shot, a grain of sand takes up the whole screen. Sand is moving and pouring, its a existing entity, an organism. The sun is a powerful presence. The man sits in a boat that appears skeletal in the sand. At one point, he says, All this paperwork to reassure for each one other. Right away, were introduced to the alienation theme. Society is ordered by numbers and paperwork, it crushes us with efficiency, dehumanizes us. In nature, he realizes societys deficiencies. This world we all contend through personal experience, or by reading Kafka. The bureaucracy, which seems so rational, is brutal in its machine-like efficiency. Two decades later, George Lucas Star Wars would refer to this bureaucracy as the Empire. Where does one bid? Where is meaning, where is freedom? Nature, community, love? These are possibilities in the film, but each one has its dangers. Yet, to bring up a contradiction, the protagonist doesnt mind this world of intellect and efficiency when he is in control. Most likely, he has no problem with his job when hes back home and not a captive but a well-paid worker in the bureaucracy. The last bus has left, so he has to seek shelter in the village. A person in a str... ...tion that is ab start the art of writing fiction. In Italo Calvinos Invisible Cities Polo describes a host of cities to the Great Khan. But there are TV antennas and airplanes here and there. How offer this be? The artist, rather than giving y ou a transparent view, shows you his creativity, as well as the indivisibility of time. Of modernism, the existential dilemma stands out most sharply. Of postmodernisn, the dispersal of responsibility stands out most sharply. Whats so significant is that the film appears during the early years of postmodernism -- when it was figuring itself out. Works Cited Desser, David. Eros Plus Massacre An Introduction to the Japanese crude Wave Cinema. Bloomington Indiana University Press, 1988. McDonald, Keiko I. Cinema East A Critical Study of Major Japanese Films. Rutherford, NJ Fairleigh Dickinson Press, 1983.

The Simple Life and the Corruption of Technology :: Exploratory Essays Research Papers

The Simple Life and the Corruption of TechnologyLets take it home boysNot really paying attention to our altitude, we headed towards base after a flawless mission against an enemy tank. As we reached the jungles edge, anti-aircraft shells began exploding all around us. I ordered the formation to climb as fast as possible.Almost as quickly as I had given the order, my plane was hit. Luckily, the round didnt explode, but had traveled through the center of the fuselage. I realized my plane was fatally crippled, including my elision seat. As my plane fell into the jungle, I woke up.Though I did not know what had drawn me from the dream, I had an idea it was the splitting pain in my leg. As the pain slowly crept up my leg, I became aware of my surroundings. I could now feel the perspiration on my face and faintly hear mumbled voices I was not in my bed. As I opened my eyes to blurry vision, I made out dark moving objects among a background of fire. Listening closely, I realized it was quite a little speaking a foreign tongue.Moving my eyes from the dark skinned, scantly clad humans to my leg, I found the source of my pain. Driven through my left leg was a sharp piece of metal from the wreckage that surrounded me. With a swift jerk from one of my assumed rescuers, my leg was free of metal, and I was passed out from the pain.I awoke in a hut made of large leaves, mud, and grasses. The light crackle of the fire outside could be heard over the voices of the people surrounding it. I asked my self, Where am I? How did I get here? With my questions I made an astonishing discovery I could not remember who I wasFeeling myself panic, I did the best to calm down and analyzed the situation. I had been pulled from some type of wreckage, but of what? The people who had saved me were very primitive. They wore little more than than a loin cloth of a cheap textile, and they had dressed me the same. They were eating some yellow muck from wooden bowls and again my ears greeted the new language. seek to sit up, I flexed my leg and a crippling pain powered a scream from the bottom of my lungs.My scream had caught the attention of those who had been talking outside.

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          First of all, my definition of the cone effect is this a theory inwhich all media content is exaggerated then direct through a publication orbroadcast that carries advertisements to individuals with differentperceptions leading to a "perceived media reality" which is incorporatedinto everyday life. I believe this gist we are media, media is us, and weare one. If we would all take a look at our lives we are just a jumble ofrepresentations. In my opinion, from the moment we are innate(p) to the daythat we die we are media. We are born a certain sex boy or girl. Thatrepresents something. Boys wear blue girls wear pink. This symbolizes toeveryone what we are. We dont know we are boys or girls until someonetells us. We have set and defined expectations for our lives, as well asways that we must act. From that day forward we select our media from ourlives, our families, friends, and literally everything we come in contact with. Everything we do and everything we see leaves some trace of animpression on us and represents something to each of us. Thats why Ifeel that media is us. Media is everything. We are just representations.           It makes me very frustrated to think seriously about this. It makesme doubt everything that I have had to believe as a outgrowth of society. It makes me question countless things in my life. It made me think aboutlife in general. What is reality? Truthfully, I dont know if there is a way toanswer this question for everyone but I think we all need to examine ourlives in general and the everyday lives that we live in and question them. Everything we do or say has a representation so again, that is media. It isall around us. It is everywhere. Most places we dont raze know that it isgoing on.     In my inspection of my life and the media that surrounds me I havefound media to be almost everywhere. It is everywhere. Almost everything Ihave and use has labels on it from clothes to food. Some things even haveadvertisements of other things on their labels. All of these productsrepresent me. I wear these clothes because I like the way this brand looksor I postulate to belong to a certain group so I wear similar clothes. I eat certainfoods because someone introduced it to me or it is the brand that I like.

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the unbearable lightness of being Essay -- essays research papers

The Unheard vox of CommitmentWhat the reader understands of the infidelity of Milan Kunderas lawsuits in The Unbearable Lightness of Being is a undefiled distraction from the real substance of the story and of the characters real purpose. Kundera offers the reader a red herring and only through close trial run can one dissect and abstract the accredited essence of each characters thread that links them to one a nonher in this story. For it is not clearly seen in fact, it can not be seen at all. It is the fierce absence of the word commitment that is so blatantly seen in each individual, to that extent the word itself is buried so deeply at heart of Tomas and Tereza that it takes an animals steadfast and unconditional love to make the meaning and understanding of commitment pass around the surface.Tomas and Terezas marriage was fragile and based on Tomass sympathy for his wifes irrevocable urge to fully complete him, mentally and physically. In this Tomas did only what he cou ld do go from char to woman while carrying the scent of female genitalia with him. Tereza carried her grief and regret in solitude merely she remained undaunted by an unexplainable force. Their dog Karenin seemed to be the only connection the couple shared. This animal gave them earnest trust and in return they committed their love. It is a completely selfless love, Kundera writes, Tereza did not want anything of Karenin she did not ever ask him to lov... the unbearable lightness of being Essay -- essays research papers The Unheard Voice of CommitmentWhat the reader understands of the infidelity of Milan Kunderas characters in The Unbearable Lightness of Being is a mere distraction from the real substance of the story and of the characters real purpose. Kundera offers the reader a red herring and only through close examination can one dissect and abstract the true essence of each characters thread that links them to one another in this story. For it is not clearly seen in fact, it can not be seen at all. It is the fierce absence of the word commitment that is so blatantly seen in each individual, yet the word itself is buried so deeply inside of Tomas and Tereza that it takes an animals steadfast and unconditional love to make the meaning and understanding of commitment penetrate the surface.Tomas and Terezas marriage was fragile and based on Tomass sympathy for his wifes irrevocable urge to fully complete him, mentally and physically. In this Tomas did only what he could do go from woman to woman while carrying the scent of female genitalia with him. Tereza carried her grief and regret in solitude yet she remained undaunted by an unexplainable force. Their dog Karenin seemed to be the only connection the couple shared. This animal gave them earnest trust and in return they committed their love. It is a completely selfless love, Kundera writes, Tereza did not want anything of Karenin she did not ever ask him to lov...

Analysis of the Movie Doctor Zhivago Essay -- Doctor Zhivago Russian R

Analysis of the Movie resort Zhivago Doctor Zhivago is a historically accurate movie. It is a love story that takes place during the Russian Revolution, World war One, and the Russian Civil War. Doctor Zhivago is historically correct because of the faces it represents, the people the actors portray, and the level of detail put into the setting. At the beginning of the movie, there is a scene cover a man handing out flyers asking workers to join him in a peaceful march to protest a promotest the Tsar. The mans name is Pasha. He is an misfortune-and-dry worker who believes to reform Russia there must be a complete revolution of thought and action. Pahsa, when asked if he was part of the bolshie party, claims no allegiance. The Bolsheviks were people who were attempting to gain a much more favorable lifestyle for the operative class. The Bolsheviks were lead by Lenin, who would end up leading Russia. Since someone questioned if Pasha was a Bolshevik because of his actions, o ne would believe that the Bolsheviks were doing the same thing trying to get people to revolt against the Tsar. When the workers who received the flyers join Pasha in the peaceful march, they are attacked Russian soldiers. The soldiers charge at them and the people turn and run. Those unable to escape are killed or injured. In the movie, this event took place in Moscow, but it was representing The Bloody sunlight Massacre which took place in St Petersburg, January 22, 1905. Doctor Zhivago portrayed this event very well. They have the march during the winter of 1905, which is the actual time that the Bloody Sunday event took place. Also, both the people marching in the movie and the people marching in real life wanted the same things. They wanted bread, better working conditions, and eight-hour days. The setting of the massacre scene in front of the Russian palace is correct because in actuality, the massacre took place in front of the Winter Palace. Doctor Zhivago also us es one of its characters to represent one of the historical figures who was involved in the Bloody Sunday Massacre. After the massacre, Pasha escapes with only a cut to his face. He goes to his fiance, Laura, to ask for help. She asks how he got injured and he tells her about the massacre. He describes how the soldiers slaughtered women and children who only asked for bread to eat. Since he was the... ...go is quite accurate in its personation of the facts. Everything from the ideas about the revolution to details on the buildings were historically correct. Names and locations might have been changed, but what they represented is factual. Even though the movies concentre is on the love story and not the revolution, the details for the revolution seem to be accurate.Bibliography1) Adams, Arthur E. The Russian Revolution and Bolshevik Victory Why and How? Boston D.C. heathland and Company, 1960.2) Bloody Sunday. Spartacus Educational. 2002. Spartacus Educational. Octob er 15, 2004 3) Field, Daniel. Rebels in the Name of the Tsar. Boston Houghton Mifflin Company, 19764) Moorehead, Alan. The Russian Revolution. New York Harper and Brothers Publishers, 1958.5) Oliva, L. Jay. Russia and the West From Peter to Khrushchev. Boston D.C. Heath and Company, 1965.6) Roark, James L. and others. The American Promise a History of the United States Second Compact Edition. Boston and New York Bedford/St. Martins, 2003.7) Vernadsky, George. A History of Russia Fourth Edition, Completely Revised. New Haven Yale University Press, 1954.

Mass School Shootings: The Problem is Mental Illness, Not Guns Essay

I was watching TV with my friends kids and attempting to find a plastic film they might enjoy. Unluckily for the children I had to pass by consecutive word channels. At first I passed by quickly through the first troika channels but then I noticed the rest of the news channels that I did happen to glimpse had headlines saying school nip. I couldnt booster but watch the news for a bit to fully understand the situation. I discovered that many young children at Sandy Hook primary in Connecticut had been shot and died. I was saddened because of those children and parents who had to live through that experience.Later through the week I kept watching the news for more information. The news Investigators revealed the mans name as twenty year old Adam Lanza and found out that he may have had mental health issues but patently no one noticed or detected it. Friends and family only described him as a bright young man who was shy and kept to himself. This shooting could have happ ened in any school it could have even happened right here, and thats what terrifies and angers me the most. How can we improve the mental health care system so tragedies analogous these dont happen again? Most people are not concerned about the mental health care systems. These people dont understand the harm constrictive medications can cause to the mentally ill and are too concerned with gun control to see the deeper problem. If these people knew more, however, they would realize that without the proper care the mentally ill could go out of control and that most of these people are not being correctly diagnosed.Restricting Medication can be illMental Illness explains how restricting medication from mentally ill individuals can harm them. H... ... Joe, and Paul Barr. Call to Action Through Tragedy. Modern Health parcel out (2012). Academic Search Complete. Web. 20 Feb. 2015.Carrey, Benedict. A Tense Compromise on Defining Disorders. New York Times 10 Dec. 2012. Web. 20 Feb. 2015.Espejo, Roman. Mental Illness. Detroit Green seaport Press, 2012. Print.Jacob, James B. , and Jennifer Jones. Keeping Firearms out of the Hands of the Dangerous Mentally Ill. The Administrative and Regulatory Law News. 37.4 (2012) 11-20. Academic Search Complete. Web. 20 Feb. 2015.Johnson, Carolyn Y. Doctors Peer into Mental Illness. capital of Massachusetts Globe 23 Nov. 2004. Newsstand. Web. 20 Feb. 2015.Peters, Jeremy W, and Michael Luo. Mental Health Again an Issue in Gun Debate. New York Times 18 Sept. 2013. Web. 20 Feb. 2015.Thorrey, Fuller E. The mania Offense. New York W.W. Norton and Company Inc, 2008. Print.

The Good Old Days of the Internet :: Personal Narrative Essay Example

I read an essay about how the web has changed since the good old days. It talked about the beginning of weblogs (aka- blogs), how they used to represent something inbred about the web... and now (of course) theyve become so common (thanks to programs like Blogger), that their original purpose had been lost. The essay talked about how people who discovered the web recently (like me I suppose), were missing out on the original spirit of the web because commercial sites had overrun everything, and we didnt have true web logs to point us towards the small, personal sites rump the billboards. And on and on... I had a hard time grasping the underlying point of the essay, besides the fact that it sounded like someone talking about how they hear That Band live, back when they were Cool, before they Sold Out. But the idea that somehow the true spirit of the web was now compromised because of big commercial sites seemed a bit strange. worry somehow was stealing the soul of geocit That struck me as BS. Us poor newcomers atomic number 18 apparently being deprived of the true web experience because of commercial sites. Id about suggest just the opposite... the peculiar shifts that retail sales have had to undergo in order to do business on the internet have contributed as much to web culture as sites of cool underground links, or tributes to beloved deceased pets. Even the gawd-awful get-rich-quick auto-generated MLM sites and the horrid Free for All links pages are part of the culture of the web. And us newcomers, if we really take interest in this strange alternate universe, can find the odd, underground personal sites if we look. To say that slick corporate sites are ruining the culture of the web would be like saying department stores like Macys or Bloomingdales ruined the culture of New York City. By god, NYC should have no commercial enterprise bigger than those those kitschy little kosher delis, family-owned New York pizza shops and Asian groceries. Anything bigger and slicker than that is an outrage. And NYC really has too umpteen poeple now... all these newcomers just dont get it. Their clueless antics are ruining our citys culture. Those obnoxious street performers, and pushy three-card-monte scam artists To say nothing of the homeless How uncool are they?

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Effect of Motivation on Employees Productivity Essay

1.1BACKGROUND TO THE STUDYOne of the most erratic of all available musical arrangemental resources is kind-hearted. As a matter of fact, a major perplexing unfreeze facing the Nigerian make-up over the last few years is non that of retaining the workforce beca manipulation they (the workers) want to leave voluntarily, rather, it is that of finding ways and means of retaining them because the opening environment makes it difficult to continue to keep employees beyond a certain uttermost number.Research reports has shown that employees motivation is essential in an organization as it is a key to a successful organization aim for maintaining continuity and survival. Motivating the mental faculty leads to broaden their skills to meet the organizational demands. The need for achievement always results in a proneness for employees to do extra effort to have something done repair and have the desire for success. want creates a productive employee who save time and effort. Thus, the motivated employee volunteers to do more than than what is expected and more successful achievement than others. such employee could be a good resource and a model to be followed by other ply and adds positive foreplay to the work within the organization. Furthermore, it is non just the matter of how motivated the faculty are, but also how prepared they are for the job. Good action depends on whether the rung are able to do things or are willing to do things. The level of productivity depends on the level of motivation that stimulates someone to work and carry go forth necessary tasks to achieve the set goals.indigence is Copernican in any workplace and it is personal and different for each employee. Motivation depends on different needs different strategies will be created to return these needs. The management have to learn to place the right person in the right place. A person should be given the role where they can use their skills and abilities and be concentrated towards the organizations goals and personal goals. Misplacements can cause dissatisfaction, less motivation, less concentration that leads to turnover and shortage of staff, commitment of mistakes and loss to the organization.several(prenominal) need and motivation theories have been discussed in the study to clarify what might affect the motivation. So, without motivation nothing unique will ever happen that allows the organization to specialize with its production. Quoting Charles de Gaulle , he said In order to become good in anything, the only talent you need is motivation Although there is general discernment among psychologists that man experiences a variety of needs, there is considerable disagreement as to what these needs are and their relative importance. There have been a number of attempts to inaugurate models of motivation which list a specific number of motivating needs, with the implication that these lists are all-inclusive and represent the total picture of nee ds. Unfortunately, each of these models has weaknesses and gaps, and we are excuse without a general theory of motivation.All organisation are concerned with what should be done to achieve sustained high levels of performance through people. then the subject of adequate motivation of workers as derived from the so many attempts made by management practitioner is to look for the best way to manage so as to accomplish an objective or mission with the least inputs of materials and human resources available.A lot of theoretical concept, principles and techniques of management have evolved in response to these challenges. In general management authors have tended to view motivation as a key component of the managerial function of leading or directing. However, leading or leadership style, although an important factor in determining the attitude of employers toward assigned job responsibilities is not the only determinant, other managerial function such as planning, controlling, staffin g and organizing also play a role.In any serious and competitive society, workers are one of the tools for economic progress. Their welfare is taken into serious consideration because without a dedicated workforce an organization crumbles. The nations (Nigerian) reward system is probably the poorest in the entire globe were an average take home of the worker is put at $120 per month. Workers are used and abused harassed, treated, offended and discarded without any appreciation for their contribution to their organization and to the society at large.It is therefore apparent that the issue of adequate motivation of worker has relevance in managerial function and activities that are aimed at directing the productive effort of the workforce toward achieving organizational objectives. Babalola (2006) quoting Knotz et al (1980), holds that management strives to create and maintain an environment that is conducive to the performance of individuals who are working together in groups towards the accomplishment of pre-selected objective result in the involvement of goals among individuals and their groups.Motivation is the key of a successful organization to maintain the continuity of the work in a powerful manner and help organizations to survive. Motivation is finding a need inside the employees and help to achieve it in a smooth process. Motivating the staff leads to broaden their skill to meet the organizational demands. Each manager should have the responsibility to work with the staff to find out their individual needs and put them side by side to the organization needs.Dissatisfaction also, might work as guidance for the manager to explore the need of the staff and start with it to motivate them and attract them to do better performance. Motivation drives the human beings to reach their goals and organization goals through every challenge and constraint they face in their workplace considering it as an advantage to go ahead in the burster they have put for the mselves. The need of achievement always results in a desire to do extra effort to have something done better, and have the desire for success.The management should motivate the employees to get things done through them without asking them what to do. Motivation creates a productive employee who saves time and effort. The motivated employee volunteers to do more than what is expected and more successful achievement than others. Such employee could be a good recourse and a model to be followed by other staff and adds positive input to the work within the organization.In this project, the nursing organization was chosen because it is a sensitive career that affects patients life if it is not given the important consideration that is supposed to be given. In an attempt to project the ideal enhanced employees productivity, it is therefore apposite for an organization to examine what type of motivation need to be put in place for their staff as every individual is unique and each desire o f every individual differs.1.2 STATEMENT OF THE hassleNursing is a sensitive career that plays an important role in the society. It is a multi-skill career that should be rewarded because nurses are the eye of the health center staff about patients conditions. Nursing is associated with multiple health care professionals which increases the workload thereby conflicting demands, good discharge of duties, stresses,etc which may be the as a result of the following factors a)Long working hoursb)Feeling underpaidc)Effect of night shift.d)Workplace hazards and injuriese)Lack of appreciation, e.t.cThe questions are often asked as to what workers in general and particular want from their employers. Can there be an end to the clamour for increases in wages? Why do workers work and what induces them to give in their best?The aim of this research therefore is to find out from empirical studies whether workers, given the right incentives other than money can put in their best to contribute to the productivity and growth of the organizations to achieve the following objectives, amongst others expurgate labour turnover, Increase workers productivity, Redesign and put in place appropriate labour laws and policies, eliminate or reduce industrial unrest, Improve management and staff relations, create a productivity culture in the organization.1.3 question QUESTIONIn other to achieve the purpose of this work, the following questions were raised.i.Is there any blood between workers comfort and higher workers performance?ii.Is there any kindred between motivational factors and higher productivity for experienced staff of State infirmary Ijebu-Ode?iii.To what extent is the effect of motivation of employees productivity?iv.Will monetary incentives and rewards exert a stronger influence on workers than any form of motivational incentive?1.4 RESEARCH HYPOTHESESI believe that work can be meaningful and satisfying to a given job incumbent only when the job elicits and stimulate hi s familiar motivation. These views raise some research questions, which form the basis of the hypotheses for this study. The following hypotheses were formulated for testing (Null and Alternate hypotheses)HYPOTHESIS 1H0 There is no significant relationship between motivational factors and higher productivity for experienced staff.H1 There is significant relationship between motivational factors and higher productivity for experienced staff.HYPOTHESIS 2H0 There is no significant relationship between monetary reward only and workers satisfaction in the organizationH1 There is significant relationship between monetary reward only and workers satisfaction in the organization.HYPOTHESIS 3H0 There is no significant relationship between workers comfort and higher organizational productivityH1 There is significant relationship between workers comfort and higher organizational productivity.1.5OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDYIn this project, the primary objective is to assess the quality of performa nce in nurses and motivation process used with them, categorized the different types of motivation theories, emphasize how importance of the relationship between motivation and the performance, proffer answers to the question stimulate the minds of management of the State General Hospital, as to what to do to adequately motivate her medical staff to contribute their quota to the organizations productivity.This project also will look at the motivation from the perspective of the medical staff while seeking to validate the various models and theories of motivation by finding out from the horse mouth what rattling motivates the workers of today.1.6SCOPE OF THE STUDYThe relationship between the organization and its staff is governed by what motivates them to work and the fulfillment they derive from it. However, this study is delimited to the senior and junior medical staff in the State General Hospital.1.7SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDYThe findings from this study will help to highlight th ose areas where there are problems among the medical staff. It result will help to only highlight the likely problems of frustration and how motivation can be used to either reduce or eliminate the problems amongst the medical staff.

Information Technology Ethics Essay

Definitions-the right to be alone the most comprehensive of rights, and the right most treasured by people. (Justice Louis Brandeis, Olmstead v. US, 1928)-the right of individuals to control the order and use of education most themselves. Legal AspectsProtection from unreasonable intrusion upon ones isolation. Protection from annexation of ones name or likeness.Protection from unreasonable publicity given to ones private. Protection from publicity that unreasonably places one in a false light before the public.RECENT HISTORY OF PRIVACY PROTECTIONCommunication bring of 1934-it restricted the governments ability to in secret intercept communications. However, under a 1968 federal statute, law enforcement officers bum use wiretapping if they first obtain a judicature order.Wiretapping the interception of telephone or telegraph communications for purpose of espionage or surveillance. Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) (passed -1966, amended-1974) provides the public with the mo de to gain access to certain government records such as the spending patterns of an part, the agencys policies and the reasoning behind them, and the agencys mission and goals. Fair Credit Reporting Act (1970) this act regulates the operations of credit-reporting bureaus, including how they collect, store, and use credit tuition. it is intentional to promote accuracy, fairness, and privacy of information in the files of credit reporting companies and to check verification systems that gather and sell information about people. Privacy Act (1974) declares that no agency of the U.S. government can conceal the existence of some(prenominal) in-person data record-keeping system, and that any agency that maintains such a system, must publicly get a line both the kind of information in it and the manner in which the information will be utilize. the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the law enforcement agencies are excluded from this act. the constitution for Economic Cooperatio n and Development (OECD) Fair Information Practices are often held up as a model of ethical treatment of consumer data for organization to adopt. analysis of the 1980 OECD privacy guidelinespreceptGuidelineCollection specializeation saltation the collection of personal data. All such data must be obtained lawfully and moderately with the subjects consent and knowledge. Data QualityPersonal data should be accurate, complete, current and relevant to the purpose for which it is used. Purpose SpecificationThe purpose for which personal data is collected should be should be specified and should not be changed. Use LimitationPersonal data should not be used beyond the specified purpose without a persons consent or by authority of law. Security SafeguardsPersonal data should be protected against unauthorized access, modification, or disclosure. bleakness principleData policies should exist and a data controller should be identified. Individual participationPeople should pass the right to review their data, to challenge its correctness, and to accept incorrect data changed. AccountabilityA data controller should be responsible for ensuring that the above principles are met.Childrens Online Protect Act (COPA)(1998) The law states that a website that caters to children must offer comprehensive privacy policies, notify their parents or guardians about its data collection practices, and receive parental consent before collecting any personal information from children under 13 years of age. European Company Directives 95/46/EC (1998) requires any company that does business within the borders of 15 Western European nations to practice a set of privacy directives on fair and appropriate use of information.Summary of the European Data Privacy PrincipleNoticeTell all customer what is done with their information.ChoiceGive customer a way to opt out of marketing.Onward Transfer agree that suppliers comply with the privacy policy.AccessGive customer access to their informat ion.SecurityProtect customer information from unauthorized access.Data IntegrityEnsure that information are accurate and relevant.EnforcementIndependently enforce the privacy policy.Better Business Bureau Online (BBB Online) and TRUSTe independent, nonprofit initiatives that favor an industry-regulated approach to data privacy which concerned about the government regulation that could have a negative impact on the Internets use and growth, and that such regulation would be costly to implement and difficult to change.The BBB Online Seal adheres that the website has a high level of dataprivacy. The seal program identifies online businesses that love their own stated privacy policy.The TRUSTes main regulate is that websites should openly communicate what information it gathers, its use, to whom it will be shared, and does the consumer has a choice of opting out. Gramm-L for each one-Bliley Act (1998)-this act required all financial-services institutions to communicate their data priv acy policies and honor customer data-gathering preferences by July 1, 2001. This was to make them take actions to protect and secure customers nonpublic data from unauthorized access or use.KEY PRIVACY AND ANONYMITY ISSUESgovernmental ELECTRONIC SURVEILLANCEFederal Wiretap Act (U.S. computer code Title 18 Part 1, Chapter 119, Wire and Electronic Communications Interception and Interception of Oral Communications) it requires processes to obtain court authorization for surveillance of all kinds of electronic communications, including e-mail, fax, profit, and voice, in criminal investigation. A court order must be issued based on probable stir before a wiretap can commence. roving tap government authority to obtain a court order that does not name a specific telephone or e-mail, but allows them to tap any phone lines or internet accounts that the suspect uses.Electronic Communication Privacy Act of 1986 (ECPA, U.S statute Title 18, part 2, Chapter 206) standards for access to stor ed e-mail and other electronic communications and records.ECPA amended Title III (Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968) wide the title IIIs prohibitions against the unauthorized interception (use of persons oral or electronic communications).-this act failed to address emerging technologies such as radio modems, cellular, data networks, etc. thus, this communication can still be legallyintercepted.Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 (FISA) allows wiretapping of aliens and citizens in the U.S. based on a finding of probable cause that the target is a member of a foreign terrorist group or an agent of a foreign power.Executive nine 123333 (U.S. Pres. Reagan, 1982) legal authority for electronic surveillance outside the U.S. It permits intelligence agencies to intercept communications outside the U.S. without a court order.Communication Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA, 1994) it covers radio-based data communication. The Federal Communications Commi ssion (FCC) required providers of Internet phone and broadband services to ensure that their equipment can allow police wiretaps.USA nationalist Act of 2001 Gives sweeping new powers to Domestic law enforcement and International intelligence agencies. It contains several sunsets that gives the government much more surveillance capability. Sunset provisions can terminalinates itself or portions after a specific date unless further actions is taken to extend the law entropy ENCRYPTIONCryptography the science of encoding messages so that only the sender and the intended receiver can understand them. Encryption the process of converting an electronic message into a form that can be silent only by the intended recipients. Public key encryption system uses two keysMessage receivers public key readily functionalMessage receivers private key kept secretPrivate key encryption systemSingle key to encode and decipher messagesRSA (named after Rivest, Shamir and Adleman) is a public key encryption algorithm, the basis for much of the security that protects Web consumers and merchants. PGP ( Pretty Good Privacy) uses 128 bit encryption that represents a add together of 2128 . DES (Digital Encryption Standard) the standard for encryption, it employs a 56 bit key that represents 7.21016 . (It can now be crack using brute methods) AES (Advanced Encryption Standards) requires cockamamy to try as many as 1.11077 combinations.IDENTITY THEFT occurs when someone steals key pieces of personal information to gain access to a persons financial accounts. fastest growing form of fraud in the United States.Phishing is an attempt to steal personal identity data by tricking substance abusers into entering the information on a counterfeit Website. Spear-phishing is a variation in which employees are sent phony emails that look like they came from high-level executives within their organization. Spyware is a term for keystroke-logging software that is downloaded to users com puter without adequate notice, consent, or control for the user. It creates a record of keystrokes entered into the computer with or without internet and will send to the email of the spy when internet connections are available.Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act of 1998 the congress passed this act to fight identity fraud, making it a federal felony punishable by a prison sentence of 3 -25 years. researchers estimated that 1 of 700 identity crimes were led to conviction.CONSUMER PROFILING Companies openly collect personal information about Internet users. They too obtain information without users permission through the use of cookies. marketing firms uses this information in building databases that contains consumer behavioral data. They want to know about who the users are, what they like, how they behave, and what motives them to buy. Cookies a schoolbook file that a website puts on your hard drive so that it can remember your information later on. Affiliated Websites is a group or collection of websites served by a single advertising network. 3 Types of Data GatheredPOST it is entered into a blank fields on an affiliated website when a consumer signs up for a service. GET it reveals what the consumer requested intersection point in a specific store. Click-Stream Data it is the tracking of the information the user sought and viewed.4 Ways to Limit/ cut off deposit CookiesSet trimrs to limit or stop cookies or browse the web using the incognito browsing mode which will complete all marks of your browsing. Manually delete cookies in your hard drives.Download and install cookie management program.Or use anonymous proxy websites to browse websites.However, some websites lock users to browse in their page when cookie is disabled.Personalization software it is used by marketers to optimize the number, frequency and mixture of their ad placements. It is also used to evaluate how visitors react to new ads.Types of Personalization SoftwareRule-ba sed used business rules that are tied to customer provided preferences or online behaviors to determine the most appropriate page views and product information to display. Collaborative Filtering offers consumer recommendations based on the types of product purchased by other people with similar acquire habits.Types of Personalization Software (Continued)Demographic Filtering it augments click stream data and user supplied data with demographics information associated with user zip codes to make product suggestions. Contextual Commerce associates product promotions and other e-commerce offerings with specific content a user may receive in a new story online.Platforms for Privacy Preferences (P3P) shields users from site that dont provide the level of privacy protectionthey desire. instead of forcing users to find and read through the privacy policy for each site they visit, P3P software in the computers browser will download the privacy policy for each site, scan it and notify users if the policy does not match their preferences. The World Wide Web Consortium, an international privacy group whose members include Apple, Commerce One, Ericsson, and Microsoft, created P3P and is supporting its development. TREATING CONSUMERS DATA RESPONSIBILITY-Strong measures are required to avoid customer relationship problems. Code of Fair Information Practices most widely accepted approach to treating consumers data responsibly. Guidelines of Code of Fair Information Practices and the 1980 OECD an organizations collects only personal information that is necessary to deliver its product and services. Company ensures that the information is carefully protected and accessible only by those with a need to know, and that consumers can review their own data and make corrections. Company informs customers if it intends to use its information for research or marketing, and it provides a means for them to opt out.Chief Privacy Officer (CPO) executive to oversee data privacy po licies and initiatives. Duties of CPOAvoid government regulations and reassure customers that their privacy will be protected. Stop or modify major company marketing initiatives.Training employees about privacy and checking the companies privacy policy for potential risks. Figuring out if gaps exist and how to deal them.Developing and managing a process for customer privacy disputes.WORKPLACE MONITORINGEmployers monitor workers Ensures that corporate IT usage policy is followedFourth Amendment cannot be used to limit how a private employer treats its employees. Public-sector employees have far greater privacy rights than in the private industry. Privacy advocates want federal legislation To keeps employers from infringing upon privacy rights of employees.SPAMMING the transmission of the same(p) email message to a large number of people. Spammers target individual users with direct email messages, building their mail list by scanning Usenet postings, buying mail lists or searching t he web for addresses. extremely inexpensive method of marketing. used by many legitimate organizations. can contain unwanted and objectionable materials.Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing(CAN-SPAM)the act says it is legal to spam provided that the message meet a few basic requirements (1) spammers cannot disguise identity, (2) there must be a label in the message specifying that it is an ad or solicitation, and (3) include a way that the recipient can stop the receiving of spam. The act failed to slow the function of spam but instead, it actually increased the flow of spam by legalizing it.ADVANCED SURVEILLANCE TECHNOLOGYAdvanced surveillance technology provide a new data gathering capabilities, however, these advance can also diminish individuals privacy.Advocates of the technology argue that people have no legitimate expectations of privacy in a public place. Camera Surveillance is one of the most common advanced system used in surveillance nowada ys. It has the capability to record events, detective work unusual behaviour, automatically capturing important events, and used in monitoring day to day events in different places. Facial Recognition SoftwareThere have been numerous experiments with facial recognition software to help identify criminal suspects and other undesirable characters. It has been first tested by the Rampart Division of the Los Angeles guard Department and yielded a result. Global Positioning System (GPS)These are chips placed in different devices to monitor locations of theusers. It is useful in locating callers of 911, parents monitoring their children, etc.

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How Do William Golding and Williams Shakespeare Present Disturbed Characters? Essay

How do William Golding and William Shakespeare present disturbed point of references? In Lord of the move Golding presents disturbed characters as savage and blood-thirsty. After his own experience in world war two, he look outms to believe everybody has a savage personality and thriving which is brought out by means of an extreme situation. Golding uses the technique of evoking emotion from the reader through the use of innocent children committing unthinkable actions.He conveys his views through the ever growing savage characters of Jack and Roger, whereas Shakespeare presents Lady Macbeth as a mentally disturbed character consumed with an obsession of becoming a part of the hierarchy within bon ton. In the first chapter of Lord of the Flies Golding uses the Island as an allegorical object, presenting the general overview of society and civilisation. The Island potty be represented as the Garden of Eden an innate place of perfection to be undisturbed and civil.It seems to be a n idyllic place for some fourth dimension with rules and order throughout, this is up until it is corrupted and nature is changed by the boys savage intentions. This relates to biblical themes of the Garden of Eden once corrupted by mankind (Adam & Eve). We also see a use of pathetic fallacy, the Island in this sense is more important than anything, it foreshadows the crimsonts which are beginning to unfold. Throughout both pieces of Literature Shakespeare and Golding use religious beliefs and value in Macbeth the uses of supernatural creatures like the witches represent a d wickedness like figure.The strong Christian themes in the play and during Elizabethan times made them even more evil, Shakespeare conveys Lady Macbeth as the total opposite of what a women should be. She knows as a female she is limited because of her gender, she asked to be filled with cruelty which is ironical because she created the externalize to kill the King. This point is significant in the quote unsex me here. Similarly you could argue the beast brought to the attention of the boys by a littlun is as as important.Simon proposes the beast is only the boys imagination itself, although they laugh off his idea, Simon is central to the novel he links to Goldings point of innate human evil which exists. He is the first boy to acknowledge that the beast is an external force of human nature. Lady Macbeth is first introduced to us as Macbeths loving wife, she seems excite to hear of her husbands progression in social status. Her first reaction is to concoct a plan to kill the king we are evenly as shocked as Macbeth when she pours her spirits in thine ear.This leads us to believe she is a somewhat calculating character. Lady Macbeth then begins to develop into manipulating Macbeth, she uses squeeze such as break this enterprise to me? she weakens Macbeth you were a man implies she does not think of him as being worthy to be called a man. To some conclusion Lady Macbeth is to blame, as soon as she hears of Macbeths news her character is blinded by ambition. Similarly the three witches give Macbeth prophesies leading to the evil plan which is soon presented.The first significant change in their relationship comes when she creates a description of juxtaposition, turning a pure and natural thing into a unconscionable image saying she would have dashd the brains out of their unborn child. Using this hypothetic situation Macbeth is beginning to consider the consequences, she uses pronouns you and I implying they are equally as involved and together through all of it. Golding presents the character of Jack as a developing character of savagery throughout the novel.He compares the declension of Jacks civilized and well brought up mind with his lust and instinct to hunt. This is shown when the boys try and outline order on their island. Jacks reaction to this is offensive and intolerant- bollocks to the rules Were strong- we hunt . Here we see that he seems manipu lative towards the other characters trying to control them into following him as the leader. When the group of boys head up the mountain our perception as to Jacks cruelty is further developed.This is shown when Jack is seen to snatch the glasses from Piggys face His specs- use them as burning glasses. Golding uses this cruel streak in Jack so the reader feels sympathetic to lesser characters such as Piggy. The deterioration of civilization on the island first begins with the breaking of the conch, in the novel the conch symbolises rules, like a school bell when the noise sounds it enforces a sense of regulation and order. Secondly the fire symbolises a feeling of hope, it is the maven thing that could save them and mean rescue.Contrastingly it represents destruction and corruption, it destroys the idyllic feel of the island first presented to us by Golding. Identity is a main(prenominal) theme in both Lord of the flies and Macbeth, Golding uses the technique of theriomorphism to give Jack animalistic qualities. For example Golding says he passed his tongue across his dry lips and scanned the closemouthed forest conveying Jack as a primitive character. In other words Golding is beginning to show Jacks impulsive and has a compulsion to kill, giving the reader an impression of his savage streak emerging.He also uses the word uncommunicative which literally is relation back the reader the island is abandoned just now foreshadows what is to come. This is an effective word choice because it gives an insight to the communication which causes their downfall. Our understanding of what is to come differs from the previous text Coral Island the wildness of the surroundings influences changes in characters such as Jack to take natural animalistic instincts contradicting the theme of happy endings as conveyed in Coral Island.A link between both Lord of the Flies and Macbeth is that both involve a sense of changing identity and deterioration of characters. During Eliz abethan times when Shakespeare wrote Macbeth, the social-scale of class and stature was called the divine right of kings. External factors of society such as religion and the threat of war makes the actions of a simple Elizabethan wife seem unthinkable. From the beginning of the play onwards, the relationship of Macbeth and his wife is one of equality.Straight away we are aware that Lady Macbeth is highly respected by her husband my dearest partner of greatness is how he addresses her in the letter. A change of identity is suggested to Macbeth, Lady Macbeth says Your hand, your tongue look like the innocent flower But be the serpent undert She is controlling him, telling him to convey a normal front yet be the killer you know you are beneath. Contrastingly Jack uses paint to cover his face in Lord of the Flies, this is a primitive, tribal act in which he can cover his identity and be the hunter he insists upon.As we come to the last scenes of the play, not only can we see a mental deterioration but Shakespeares use of iambic pentameter conveying her as physically and mentally disturbed. During such times mental illness was not understood and looked upon as being mad. In act 3 scene 4 she has changed completely, a doctor and gentle-women observe her as she has clearly become mentally out of control. Lady Macbeth even imagines herself with hands covered with blood, there is a stream of wrong as she shows her fragmented speech reflecting her thoughts and soliloquy out, damned spot I say

With specific reference to the EU’s doctrine of direct effect, critically assess the extent to which EU law concerning commercial activities are enforceable within member states.

Introduction The termination to which EU level-headed rules and principles, concerning commercialized activities, argon enforceable at heart member states provide be critic wholey assessed in this essay. This forgeting be done by reviewing certain aspects of EU police and considering the extent to which EU law can be invoked under the principle of direct effect. It will be shown that whilst individuals and businesses will be resourceful of invoking EU law through national courts, this will always be subject to restrictions to ensure that the market is non beingness distorted in anyway.Main BodyThe direct effect principle is used to confer rights or impose obligations upon individuals in accordance with European Union (EU) law. National courts are bound under this principle to recognise and enforce certain EU legal rules and principles (Dashwood, 2008 229). If EU law is inconsistent with a law of a member state, the doctrine of supremacy seeks to ensure that EU law prevail s. set effect was first established in Case 26/62 Van Gend en Loos v Nederlandse Administratie der Belastingen 1963 ECR 1 when it was held by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) that individuals rights, as enshrined under the Treaty Establishing the European Economic Community, were capable of being invoked before the courts of EU member states. This case demonstrated how EC Treaty provisions were directly effective against members states, and was a welcoming development in ensuring that member states complied with their Treaty obligations. As a result of this doctrine, EU law is enforceable deep down all member states, which has an overall impact upon many commercial activities. This was recognised by Moens and Trone who pointed out that the importance of this unique feature lies in the fact that it is futile for business people to seek to invoke a legal act of an EU institution which could not be relied upon in a national court (Moens and Trone, 2010 367). Firstly, in order to b e able to rely on a legal act of an EU institution, it is necessary to establish whether the act is directly effective. If the act is not directly effective, then its provisions cannot be relied upon in a national court (Moens and Trone, 2010 367).The ECJ in Van Gend en Loos formulated a test to determine whether a treaty provision has direct effect. In doing so, it was noted that a treaty provision will be directly effective where a) its text is clear and unambiguous b) it imposes and unconditional prohibition and c) its implementation does not depend upon any further legislative action by the Member States (Moens and Trone, 2010 367). It was make clear in Case 2/74, Defrenne v SABENA 1974 ECR 631 that there exists twain different types of direct effect vertical and horizontal. Vertical direct effect is the relation between individuals and the state, whereas horizontal direct effect is the relation between individuals (Kaczorowska, 2013 264). The ECJ in Belgische Radio en Televisi e v SV Saban (127/73) 1974 ECR 51 held that the rival rules enshrined in Arts 101 (1) and 102 (previously Arts 81 (1) and 82 EC Treaty (TEC)) tend by their very nature to produce direct effects in relations between individuals. National courts consequently have a duty to ensure that the relations between individuals are being adequately safeguarded. Arguably, individuals can not only seek protection under EU law against the state, but they can too seek protection against private individuals. Horizontal direct effect is generally used as a way for individuals to invoke EU legal rules and principles in respect of commercial activities. An example of this can be seen in Walrave v Association Union Internationale (36/74) 1974 ECR 1405 1975 1 CMLR 320 where the Court found that a measure, which affects a family between individuals, whitethorn be directly effective. Here, the prohibition of discrimination on the ground of nationality was deemed to have horizontal direct effect in respe ct of a relationship between individuals (employer and potential employee).Since the principle of direct effect was first established, citizens and undertakings have benefited substantially because of the fact that individual rights have been conferred upon them which the national authorities and courts moldiness safeguard under EU law (Europa, 2013 1). For example, Arts 101 and 102 TFEU are designed to ensure that competitor inside the EU is not restricted or distorted. This protects businesses and consumers from unfair competition and commercial practices by producing direct effects in relations between individuals. Art 101 (1) prohibits agreements between undertakings, decisions by associations of undertakings or concreted practices which may affect trade between EU member states and which have as their object or effect their prevention, restriction or distortion of competition within the EU as identified in Case C-41/90 Hofner and Elser 1991 ECR I-1979. Art 101 thus protects co mpetitors and customers against dishonest behaviour, which is imperative in ensuring free competition within the EU. The application of Art 101 has been subject to much controversy on the basis that it has been applied to broadly, thereby catching agreements that were not actually detrimental to competition (Whish, 2012 115). This rendered Art 101 exorbitant and demonstrated the need for courts to apply it more rigidly (Bright, 1996 535). Three categories of exemptions now apply to Art 101, namely 1) commercial activities that are beneficial to consumers 2) agreements of minor importance, and 3) block exemptions for different types of contract, such as vertical agreements (Bright, 1996 535).As a result of these exemptions, the extent to which Art 101 is enforceable within member states is unclear and it is likely that consumers and businesses will have difficulty demonstrating that certain commercial activities fall within the ambit of this Article and subsequently invoking EU law a gainst a private individual. EU competition law does not intend to stand in the way of legitimate commercial activities, but to instead lift and maintain fair competition within nation states (Europa, 2013 1). Whilst this is often deemed necessary to prevent unfairness and to regulate anti-competitive conduct, unnecessary restraints are capable of being rigid upon commercial activities (Rodger, et al 2009 103). Arguably, it is imperative that some exemptions do exist so that the application of Article 101 is not exorbitant. This ensures that any positive benefits stemming from an agreement are balanced against the restrictions that apply to Art 101. Article 102 TFEU is primarily aimed at preventing those undertakings who hold a dominant position in the market. Through the principle of direct effect, individuals will be capable of invoking this Article by showing that an undertaking who holds a dominant position in the market has convoluted its position as highlighted in Case 27/7 6, United Brands Continental BV v Commission (1978) ECR 207. Such abuse may include unfair purchase selling prices, unfair concern conditions, restricting production and applying different provisions to similar transactions (Kennedy, 2011 237).A degree of uncertainty surrounds the scope of Art 102 because of how serious a finding of usurpation would be, which renders the extent to which Art 102 is being enforced in member states unclear. For a unattackable to be dominant, it is not necessary for there to exist no competition at all and instead it merely needs to be shown, as identified in Case 85/76 Hoffman-La Roche v Commission 1979 ECR 461, that the mansion has an appreciable influence on the conditions under which the competition develops. It is likely to be extremely difficult for a private individual to establish that a firm has an appreciable influence on the conditions under which the competition develops and as such it is again questionable how far Art 102 will go in pr otect private individuals and businesses through the principle of direct effect. Regulations are also subject to direct effect, meaning that they will be directly applicable in all EU member states, as provided for by Art 288 (ex Art 247 TEC). This was illustrated in Case C-253/00 Munoz 2002 ECR I-7289 when it was stated that regulations operate to confer rights on individuals which the national courts have a duty to protect. EU decisions and Directives are also directly effective in member states, as signified in Foster v British throttle valve (1990) C-188/89. This case exemplified the courts willingness to confer horizontal direct effect upon individuals and signified how EU law concerning commercial activities are enforceable within member states. expiryOverall, whilst there are some restrictions in place to regulate the application of EU law, it is evident that many EU rules and regulations will be capable of being enforced within all member states. This is necessary when it c omes to commercial activities as it is important that some form of protection exists to prevent the market from being abused. The extent to which EU law applies will always be subject to some controversy because of the fact that certain exceptions will apply. Though this is necessary in preventing abuse and ensuring that a balance is being maintained. The extent to which this balance is achieved is likely to be open to much debate though it is evident that member states have made some attempt to invoke EU law provisions concerning commercial activities.References Bright, C. (1996) EU Competition Policy Rules, Objectives and Deregulation Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, Volume 16, termination 4, 535-559.Dashwood, A. (2008) The Principle of Direct Effect in European Community Law, Journal of Common Market Studies, Volume 16, Issue 3, 229-245.Europa. (2013) 50 Years of Direct Effect of EU Law Benefitting Citizens and Companies push Release Database, Online Available http// rapid/press-release_CJE-13-56_en.htm 27 August, 2014.Rodger, B. MacCulloch, A. and Galloway, J. (2009) Cases and Materials on UK and EC Competition Law, Oxford University Press Oxford.Kaczorowska, A. (2013) European Union Law, Routledge London.Kennedy, T. P. (2011) European Law, Oxford University Press Oxford.Moens, G. and Trone, J. (2010) Commercial Law of the European Union, Springer Science & Business Media London.Whish, R. (2012) Competition Law, Oxford University Press Oxford.Cases Belgische Radio en Televisie v SV Saban (127/73) 1974 ECR 51 Case 85/76 Hoffman-La Roche v Commission 1979 ECR 461Case C-41/90 Hofner and Elser 1991 ECR I-1979Case 27/76, United Brands Continental BV v Commission (1978) ECR 207Defrenne v SABENA 1974 ECR 631 Foster v British Gas (1990) C-188/89Van Gend en Loos v Nederlandse Administratie der Belastingen Case 26/62, 1963 ECR 1 Walrave v Association Union Internationale (36/74) 1974 ECR 1405 1975 1 CMLR 320

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Black Orpheus

Composition and literature December, 1, 2010 Film Black Orpheus Marcel Camus The ikon black Orpheus portrayed some of the essential elements of the antediluvian patriarch myth very well(p) and in a peculiar matter. Whiles watching the movie certain parts of the myth were very different and not represent well. There were three parts of the movie in which really caught my eye in which had deviated from the myth. They were Orpheus and Eurydice initial relationship, the role of death and Hades. These three factors deviated slightly than the original Grecian myth.In the original myth Orpheus and Eurydice were originally to plumpher and every one was happy for their love. Their relationship was blossoming and all was good till a snake bite Eurydice and she dies. In the film black Orpheus on the other hand Orpheus and Eurydice are strangers and Orpheus is engaged to Mira. There are a lot of struggles before they are finally able to get together. In the myth everyone is happy for their love in the movie though they spend so often time trying to hide from Mira. In the antique myth death was represented through the snake, which just bit Eurydice. n the movie death was a reoccurring figure in which continually kept inquisitory for Eurydice. Death in the movie even was able to warn Mira not to harm Eurydice claiming she was his property . In the movie death was given too much power compared to the ancient myth. in the movie death continually haunted Eurydice eventually causing her own death. In the myth she was not haunted by death she just got bitten by the snake and died. In the film death was given too much power. The third and final thing that wasnt well depicted in the movie was the role of Hades.In the original myth Orpheus goes down to the underworld with Hades and through music convinces the whole under world to depart him take Eurydice back to the world of the living. In the film Hades is represented as a mere janitor. Orpheus never tries convincing the janitor though music. The janitor feels pity on him and leads him to the Macomb ritual. In the myth Hades is the only person who has the main say on whether Eurydice undersurface leave the underworld and it takes much convincing though coarse music from Orpheus .In the film Hades level of respect and honor has been reduced to a mere janitor who doesnt provide Orpheus with the answer but actually leads him to those who can help . The relationship between Orpheus and Eurydice, the role of death and Hades were all poorly depicted in this movie. It was a great attempt but one watching the film without knowing the myth might be confused about the original myth. The film could have made better attempts at reservation these three things more like the ancient myth. The film attempted to capture the significance of the myth but failed in actually conveying that to its viewers.

My Asl Experience

September 10th, 1994 was my first day of 6th grade. This was also the first day that I came in contact with the Deaf world. During recess, my friend Elizabeth brought out a new girl by the name of Megan Leschly. She was deaf, and her interpreter, Ms. Rosener, did not go out to recess to help her communicate. This was the day I started to learn sign language. From 6th grade to eighth grade Megan went to public school with me and all of our group of friends. We celebrated everything together, even Ms. Rosener went to her going outdoor(a) party we threw at my parents house.In those 3 years I saw a lot of deaf culture, and I can now see the negative situation of things. Her mother (who adopted her) didnt know sign very well, and her brothers and sisters knew the alphabet at most. Going to her house I got to see first hand the newsflash lights when the phone rang, or the door bell rang, eternally having closed captioned on the television, getting to use the TTY operators when I called (I think they got annoyed with me a lot, because I always forgot to say, Go ahead at the end of my statements) and unfortunately the cold side of a family that didnt make many other attempts to r apiece out to her.So looking for back now, I understand why she went away to high school. The first time Id seen Megan since 8th grade was last summer. Our mutual friend, mare had kept in better contact with her over the years than I have, so it was natural for Maria to invite Megan to her baby shower. Megan and I talked a half-size bit, merely not much. Just enough to realize she was moving from San Diego to Colorado to live with her sister. I was bummed, seeing I didnt even know she was in town, much less in the same neighborhood as I wasWith the magic of face book, I saw that she had moved back to town in March and we met up for coffee just to catch up on a million years. The first time we met for coffee was at Starbucks in La Jolla. (Middle ground, since shes living in Carmel Mount ain area now, and Im in Pacific Beach) She brought her son, River, so I could meet him a little more. He is very shy, and clings to her like flies on poop. I told her I was taking a sign language class, and she said my sign was very good as it was but was happy that she peaked my interest in it.We talked about her mom, (who was also my 8th grade math teacher) and how she moved to Oregon with her new husband. She told me how after 8th grade she went to Model Secondary School for the Deaf. She loved the fact that she was able to learn freely. There was no barriers, which is what lead her to apply, and get accepted into Gallaudet. She graduated from Gallaudet in 2006 with a degree in Social Work and Communication Studies. Her senior year she ended up getting pregnant and hasnt spoken to the engender since graduation.I learned that she is planning on staying in San Diego because she has an excellent job at Purple Communications as a San Diego Center Supervisor. It was nice talking with Megan because I didnt have to feel nervous about talking to a total stranger, and when I had questions about signs I felt cosy enough to ask. I asked about raising her son, who is hearing, and she feels that she is lucky in the fact that she is a deaf mother. She can and has communicated with him from such a junior age, than many hearing parents do.She said younger children can sign before they can speak words, so she feels very grateful in that sense. That meeting at Starbucks was probably a good, solid deuce hours. Enough for me to drink 3 coffees and River to finish his coloring book, run slightly and get fidgety. I know River loves dogs, so I invited them to the San Diego Humane Walk with total heat (my Cocker Spaniel) and I. The morning of the Walk, Henry and I met River and Megan at Mission Bay around 8am.This was a good time, because we werent busy talking about each other or catching up. We were talking about the people at the event, and I got a lot of finger captivati oning in trying to spell all the dog breeds names that I knew. During the walk we even met another deaf man, whose name I want to say is Gabe (Im horrible with names), but his Boston Terriers name was definitely Pixie. Gabe and Megan talked for half a second about dogs, and what a nice day it turned out to be. We separated ways around 10am when all the raffles and the Walk was over.It is interesting to see that after learning in class, how Gallaudet teaches a lot of finger spelling and not true ASL, I see it in Megan. I would never point it out, but it was just a very interesting thing to take note of. Over all, Im glad we had this assignment, though I would never look at Megan and think about talking to her was for a school paper. This class, made me more comfortable and more up to par with speaking with her than my jumbled up 8th grade sign language mess. From me to you, I sincerely thank you.

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Emancipation of the slaves Essay

uestion Examine the methods employed by planters to induce labourers to work on sugar estates after emancipation. skilful emancipation of the slaves was achieved in 1838 in the British West Indies and 1848 in the French colonies. The post-emancipation period was viewed with fear by planters who believed that mass of ex-slaves would exodus the plantations, robbing them of their labour supply. In numerous cases this was so. However, one can argue that the British West Indies experienced a greater labour problem than the French colonies of Martinique and Guadeloupe. Therefore, the controlling peckers put in rear end in the French colonies were unjust, an example of over-exaggerated panic on the part of the planters, and a form of maintaining control over their declining power over labour.The term freed people refers to persons who were not enslaved to anyone, who had open to them various opportunities previously closed, who maintained complete control over their straw mans and in g eneral their lives. gibe to the historian Rawle Farley, many ex-slaves saw the estates as an heaviness of this particular meaning of freedom and hence left as a form of resisting it. To desert the plantations the ex-slave had to take into consideration land availability, population slow-wittedness and the flexibleness to move from one profession to another or even to one with similar characteristics, such as small scale farming.inside low density colonies like British Guiana where land was plentiful, ex-slaves left to settle on small plots. Many ex-slaves also left to their original plantations to work on others where pay was high, nigh even ventured into other professions such as hucksters, butchers, skilled workers and managers. In some low density colonies like St. Lucia, conciliatory measures like the metayage system was employed so as to capture plantation work more appealing. In these cases planters provided the tools, and the ex-slaves, the labour. Both parties shared in the produce at crop time making the ex-slave more eager to not only be present at crop time, but to do the premiere labour efficiently. However, in many other islands planters created a problematic situation for ex-slaves.In high density colonies like Antigua, coercive measures were put in place as a demonstration of power by planters. Even in the low density colony of Jamaica coercive measures dominated and downstairsmined the entire concept of freedom. According to the historian, William A. Green, Jamaica suffered from not a labour shortage but a labour problem, that is, there was a labour force but they did not want to work on the plantations. Douglas Hall furthers this argument with the statement that, Planters were in all probability to exaggerate the withdrawal of ex-slaves from the estates. This leads one to blame the planters for being the creators of their own problems. In a panic, they attempted to force the ex-slaves to remain on the estates by applying the coercive measure of lowering wage rates while raising rents. This was intended to diminish net earnings from sales of provisions in local markets and so make the ex-slave dependent wages for his livelihood.It was this rent question that really was burning issue between employer and employee. In some cases rent was levied on each occupant of a cottage, while in other cases no rent was collected at all so that the labourers could be ejected at a moments notice. tout ensemble requests by ex-slaves for annual tenacy was denied. Many labourers were faced with the situation whereby rents were paid form their wages. In addition this the tenant and his family household must still work for the landlord. According to Swithin Wilmot, rent was manipulated in such a fashion that it was a penalty rather than a charge for the use of estate property andrefusal to pay resulted in change magnitude rental.This coercive measure applied to nutrition freed persons on the estates had the opposite effect. Ex-sla ves abandoned plantations to squat on crown land or purchased land and assiduous in various agricultural endeavours for subsistence and market. If these escapees required additional income, they engaged in providing casual labour for the nearby plantations. Many ex-slaves bought land and formed freed villages. These freed villages were a risk of exposure to the sugar economy since peasant farmers provided competition with their crops.Within the French colonies labour laws were passed with the intention of controlling the peasantry. In Martinique in particular, where land availability was scarce, ex-slaves were forced to accord with many of the insufferable regulations, for example paying the personal task, tolerating the pass system and maintaining a domestic passport.The personal tax was created before 1848 with the aim of restricting the movement of Blacks to the towns and served to restrict movement from the countryside. The law imposed a sum payable annually by inhabitants, the boroughs receiving higher taxes than those living in the countryside. In 1848 the personal tax jumped from 10 francs 50 centimes per year in Pointe-a-Pitre, to 15 francs. Even in the country areas, the personal tax rose from 4 francs 50 centimes to 5 francs. The construct of this tax was intended to both restrict the Blacks movement to that of the plantations while forcing them to work to pay for it. The need for the Blacks to pay taxes is extremely interesting, especially since, according to historian Dale Tomich, well-nigh planters could not afford to pay freed men wages.On February 15, 1852 the pass system was introduced to attempt to force the ex-slaves to adopt contractual labour. Rosamunde Renard notes that under this system, every individual running(a) for a salary or a daily wage, or every holder of a work contract of less than one year should experience a pass. If they did not own a pass then they were sentenced to working in the workhouses.The authorities tended to play a greater role in supporting planters in the French colonies than in the British West Indies. Ex-slaves however responded at first with violence, attacking anyone trying to remove them from their homes or take aside their freedom, and later engaging in passive resistance. When they had to register, they gave a different name for everything, the governor de Gueydon state they baptized under one name, married under another, taxed under a third and unknown under all these names. The Blacks also loitered and refused to accept contractual work when ever they could.Though the planters mainly used coercive measures, they also attempted to apply conciliatory measures. In Martinique a system of medals for model workers was devised so as to encourage work on the plantations. Gold and bronzy medals were distributed among the pupils of religious institutions who had done fairly well in agriculture. Schools were created with the purpose of training plantation workshop leaders and good w orkers. The freedmen were not fooled. They responded with increasing hostility towards these raw(a) attempts to make them stay on the plantations.In conclusion, the term induce tends to mean, according the dictionary to persuade. However, planters were seen applying more often force, that is, coercive measures rather than conciliatory measures to attempt to keep ex-slaves on the plantations. Within the high density colonies the coercive measures were not really necessary but rather a demonstration of planter control and power. Within the French colonies, if one is believe Perrison, there was absolutely no reason to apply the coercive measures the historian Rosamunde Renard described. For Martinique, one can question the sensibility of a slave revolt resulting in emancipation just before it was officially declared.Not surprisingly, an increasing distrust of the slaves exploded directly after emancipation was declared together with fear of economic ruin for the society. Planters and the Authorities joined forces against the savage, uncivilized Blacks whose nature inclined them away from the delights of working in the blistering sun on the plantations and more towards their crude and uninformed version of what freedom was about, like liberty of movement. These hostile attitudes of planters and authorities alike are responsible for the exodus of ex-slaves in both the British West Indies and the French colonies.

Noli Me Tangere by Jose Rizal Essay

PURPOSE OF THE TEXT Jose Rizal wrote Noli Me Tangere during the time of the Spanish occupation in the Philippines. The novel is a reflection of what the Filipinos were going through during that time. He wrote it to unfold the eyes of the Filipinos to the reality that they were being oppressed. Rizals book persistently unmasks contemporary Spaniards in the Philippines of e real kind. He exposes corruption and brutality of the civil guards which drive tidy men to crime and banditry. He focuses on an administration crawling with self-seekers, out to make their fortune at the expense of the Filipinos, so that the few officials who ar adept and sincere are unable to over keep abreast the tr all(prenominal)erous workings of the system, and their efforts to help the country often end up in frustration or in self-ruin.The Noli is Rizals expos of corrupt friars who have made the Catholic religion an instrument for enriching and perpetuating themselves in mightiness by seeking to mire ign orant Filipinos in ardor and superstition. According to Rizal, instead of teaching Filipinos true Catholicism, they control the political science by opposing all progress and persecuting members of the ilustrado unless they make themselves their servile flatterers.STYLISTIC FEATURESRizal exaggerated a bit, as in his portrayal of characters like the friars Damaso, Salvi, and Sibyla the two women who were preoccupied with prayers and novenas, and, the Espadaas but, on the whole, the novel follows the basic rules of realism. Humor worked best where a more in effect(p) presentation of the general practices of religion during that time (and even up to present time) would have given the novel a darker and pessimistic tone. Rizals description of the waste fiesta showed the comic antics at church and the ridiculous expense for one day of festivities.TONE The superstitious and hypocritical fanaticism of m all who consider themselves spectral people the ignorance, corruption, and brutali ty of the Filipino civil guards the passion for gambling unchecked by the thought of duty and responsibility the servility of the wealthy Filipino towards friars and government officials the ridiculous efforts of Filipinos to dissociate themselves from their fellowmen or to lord it over themall these are ridiculed and disclosed. Nevertheless, Rizal clearly implies that many of these failings are traceable to the misguided policy of the government and the dubitable practices of the friars.TITLE Noli me tangere is a Latin phrase that Rizal took from the Bible, meaning Touch me non. In John 2013-17, the newly-risen Christ says to Mary Magdalene Touch me not I am not yet ascended to my Father, but go to my brethren, and say unto them I ascend unto my Father and your Father, and to my God and your God.STORY/CONTENT The first of two arouseonical 19th-century novels, Noli Me Tangere revolves or so Crisostomo Ibarra who, after a seven-year stay in atomic number 63 to study, comes home t o his town of San Diego, brimming with the desire to contribute to the development of the townspeople. More specifically, as a reformist, he aims to make education accessible to more people. His idealism, however, cannot bear fruit because of insidious forces bent on destroying him.Ibarra learns that his father, Don Rafael, had been embroiled in a conflict with don Damaso, who eventually causes his humiliation and death. It is not only political power that the friar wields he has also used power to seduce the mother of Maria Clara, Ibarras sweetheart. Ibarra has another enemy in the person of Padre Salvi, who lusts after Maria Clara. It is also Padre Salvi who almost causes Ibarras death at the groundbreaking ceremonies for the school. Things come to a head when Ibarra is implicated in a failed uprising instigated by Padre Salvi. The young man is imprisoned but is eventually rescued by Elias, whose life Ibarra has saved in the past. As the novel ends, the thoroughly disillusioned I barra sees a bleak future.CHARACTERS * Juan Crisostomo Ibarra, the main character, is a young illustrado who has been studying in Europe for 7 years according to the wishes of his father. Influenced by his father, his studies and his observations of other countries, he has developed patriotic and progressive ideas which he wishes to put into action in his country. He is very much like Rizal himself. Quoted as saying that to achieve liberation, they need the catuiran ng lakas , or the use of force. * Mara Clara de los Santos is Ibarras faithful, pure and modest sweetheart. She is the portrayal of an ideal woman, partly drawn perhaps from Rizals love Leonor Rivera. * Padre Dmaso was once a good friend of Ibarras father. He was, until the snuff it of the novel, the domineering and condescending curate of San Diego, where the property of the Ibarra family is located, and continues to be a powerful figure in San Diego. Biological father of Mara Clara, as he takes advantage of Doa Pia, mother of Mara Clara and wife of Capitn Tiago* Padre Salv is the new parish priest of San Diego, who lusts after Maria Clara. * Elas, a common laborer whose family has suffered much, dreams of revolution. He may be said to represent another side of Rizal. * Pilosopong Tasio is an old man who received an excellent education in his youth but was persuaded into discontinuing his studies, which he was told would lead him away from his faith. The character is based on Rizals older brother, Paciano. * Sisa is the mother of two young boys who disappear. With her mother love, her melancholy and her frustration, she is thought to represent the suffering motherland. * Crispn- brother of Basilio. Dies at the hands of the sacristan mayor and Padre Salv. * Basilio- brother of Crispn and son of Sisa and Pedro. pass person to see Elas alive.* Capitn Santiago de los Santos also known as Capitan Tiago, he accepts Mara Clara as his own daughter. * Doa Victorina is a native woman who desperately tr ies to look like a Spaniard. She was so determined to marry a Spaniard that she was willing to settle, late in life, for a toothless stuttering man. She convinces him to pretend to be a doctor to raise their status and social club. * Don Tiburcio is a former customs official who pretended to be a prestigious medical doctor in town as his bread and butter. He is the lame, stuttering husband of Doa Victorina. * Doa Consolacin is the muse of the cuartel. She is the violent wife of the Alferez and has treated Sisa cruelly. * Alfonso Linares is the godson of Padre Damaso and a distant cousin of Don Tiburcio from Spain. He is hard pressed to be Maria Claras fiance instead of Ibarra. * Padre Sibyla is a Dominican friar who is the curate of Binondo. His character is a stark contrast to that of Padre Damaso.PROBLEM There was a cancer in the time of our national hero Jose Rizal that he elaborately depicted through his novel Noli Me Tangere, metastasized in every fiber of Philippine society b ack then, having its roots in the prolonged oppression of the Filipinos by our Spanish colonizers. Today, we see cancer in the Philippines again, and our people and environment have shriveled bad from this cancer, which is on its terminal stage.What is the main problem with the Philippines? Put in another way, what is Philippine societys cancer today? The main problem with the Philippines can be seen from the perspectives of different sectors and thus, there can be many answers to this question.From the point of view of the citizens, the main problem is the dirty politics of traditional politicians. There is no end to election fraud and accusations of election fraud. Then there are also politicians in power who bicker and accuse endlessly. Some even dash off their political opponents, and the murders they commit to keep themselves in power are barbaric. Thus, our nation is in a constant mode of being destabilized from all sides from those in power and those who are not in power.F rom the point of view of entrepreneurs or the market, the main problem is graft and corruption in government offices. It has become abnormal not to pay under-the-table to get a business permit or a government clearance.From the point of view of politicians, the main problem is a personality-based politics, wherein celebrities without any platform nor preparation for humankind service win by a landslide at the polls and end up mismanaging their public office and the public funds.From the point of view of public administration employees or civil servants, the main problem is their low pay such that they need to earn extra from extortions and sideline-selling to adequately provide for their families.From the point of view of the Church, the main problem is the Governments interference on matters of faith as it pushes bills that undermine morality and ones religious beliefs, although advocates of those bills see them as timely remedies to socio-economic problems.Just like the Indian ta le of The Blind Men and The Elephant, wherein not one of the six blindmen saw the elephant, but rather one claimed it was a wall, another a spear, another a snake, another a tree, another a fan, and the last one a rope, because each of them experienced only a part of the elephant and not its entirety, so also each sector of our society see but facets and symptoms of the cancer that has kept us way behind the nations that used to learn at our heels.What is our cancer? What cannot we touch? Rizals writings and martyrdom sparked the hearts of the Filipinos towards a fight for freedom from our international oppressors. But ironically, whereas our peoples struggles before were against foreign domination, our modern-day Noli Me Tangere is about the Filipinos struggle against fellow Filipinos entrusted with the role to lead and serve the nation. This is our cancer today Filipinos are against fellow Filipinos.MESSAGE Noli Me Tangere or Touch Me Not was the a controversial novel of Rizal as ide from the predicaments he encountered just to publish this novel. He did it to ridicule the friars and allow the Filipinos be awoke of the oppression and learn to fight. It contained all the immoralities of the spaniards. So I think the messege we can get from it is learn how to fight in a peaceful manner, combat doesnt need a bolos, a sumpit or lantakas but it can also be possible using your pen, your wisdom. As a Filipino we should learn to be united in deeds and be educated and learn to argue rationally.

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Exploring Reliability and Validity Essay

The Values and Motives Questionnaire, also known as the Values and Motives Inventory, is designed to examine a persons motif in relation to his determine and activities. In order to ensure a comprehensive understanding of values, the VMQ assess three distinct areas, including interpersonal, intrinsic, and extrinsic. Interpersonal values, according to the VMQ hit to ones relationships with others. Intrinsic values contain ones personal beliefs and attitudes. Fin all(prenominal)y, extrinsic values are ones motivating factors at the piece of work. Each of these three areas contain twelve topics communicate during the exam. While the VMQ can be practiced for a variety of reasons, it is typically used in the workplace as a guidance tool. When exploring the Values and Motives Questionnaire, it is important to understand its dependability and validity. This paper will address the measurements reliability and validity, including its coefficients, strengths, and weaknesses.Type of re liability and ValidityAccording to Whiston (2013), reliability refers to the conformity of such measurements when the testing procedure is repeated on a nation of individuals or groups (pg. 40). In its simplest form, reliability refers examines the reliableness of the scores. It also measures the standard error of measurement (SEM) within the instrument. The SEM is a hypothesis of what the scores would be if someone took the test more than once. Whiston (2013) continues on to explain the various(a) types of reliability, including test-retest, alternate or parallel forms, and internal uniformity measures. The designers and authors of the Values and Motives Questionnaire explain that the measurement used internal consistency reliability with the sample (Values and Motives Questionnaire, n.d). Internal consistency of reliability simply means that the test is divided into different sections. The scores are than correlated. This form of reliability assess the measurement internally t o determine its reliability (Whiston, 2013).Another important area of the measurement to understand is validity. Whiston (2013) argues that validity addresses what an instrument measures and how well it does that task (pg. 58). Whiston (2013) explains that historically, validity has been separated into three distinct types content-related validity, criterion-related validity, and piddle validity. The first, content-related validity, addressed the floor to which the results of the test adequately represented the specific behavior. In order for a measurement to be valid, it must be appropriate for its intended use (Whiston, 2013). This form of validity is evident in the VMQ, because the data is comparable to other instruments that measure both motivational and values factors (Values and Motives Questionnaire, n.d). Next, criterion-related validity focuses mainly on the degree to which the measurement predicted the specific criterion (Whiston, 2013).The correlations within the VMQ ap pear to be average and independent of one another (Values and Motives Questionnaire, n.d). Finally, construct validity is concerned with the degree to which the test measures the intended behavior or construct. This entails that the instrument is appropriate for the test taker (Whiston, 2013). The Values and Motives Questionnaire accurately measures motivating factors and values among individuals. It appears the test provides the validity for both content and construct but not for criterion-related validity (Values and Motives Questionnaire, n.d).Areas of Strength and ConcernThe Values and Motives Questionnaire gave us internal consistency reliability and SEM. The internal consistency of this measurement used the coefficient alpha. The coefficients were all over .5, but they each had various ranges. Because the scale had such varying ranges, one could wonder if this could indicate a problem with errors? The VMQ shows an overall internal dependability and a low level of SEM. The inte rnal consistency does surpass the requirements for a reliable instrument. According to authors of the VMQ (n.d), the scales approximate or exceed acceptable levels of internal consistency (pg. 16). However, it is important to note that the scores of this test are not normally distributed, which impacts the standard deviations of the scores. While the deviation of the scores is acceptable, the test results did not have an super high correlation.The VMQ alsodemonstrated the validity scales having lower correlations (Values and Motives Questionnaire, n.d). One weakness of the reliability to consider is that the test was only compared to other tests that examined values. It did not compare values to those of other countries/cultures. Specific cultures and/or family systems have specific values that are instilled in them throughout the years. It would be beneficial to use this instrument in par to different demographic backgrounds. In doing this, one will be able to gain acuteness int o how these differences can affect the results and ensure all persons are adequately represented. Sample Size and Nature of PopulationThe Values and Motives Questionnaire studied a specific population. It consisted of 159 MBA and psychology students (Values and Motives Questionnaire, n.d). While look for does need to start somewhere, this limited population will not produce results that represent the population as a whole. Using this specific population may lead to skewed results, specifically in the areas of achievement considering the total population that was studied were all continuing their education. Clearly, not e reallyone in the general population has had the chance to pursue a college degree, let whole and MBA. This high level of achievement would certainly skew the results. It is important to note that the sample size was relatively small and well over one troika of the small sample was psychology students. These variables need to be taken into consideration when asses sing the results of the Values and Motives Questionnaire.Personal OpinionOverall, I found the Values and Motives Questionnaire to be very interesting. Assessing ones subjective feelings and value systems is not easily empirically proven. However, the idea of the test seems beneficial. However, I do believe the designers of the VMQ would gain more insight if they were to compare the results to various cultures values. Using the results from varying cultures will have totally different results than a small group of 159 college students. I do believe still research is needed to provide more concrete information on the topics of the VMQ. Although the instrument proved to be both reliable and valid, it is pertinent that further research be conducted to find higher correlations.ReferencesValues and motive questionnaire The technical manual. (n.d). Bedfordshire, UK Psytech International. Whiston, S (2013). Principles and applications of assessment in counseling. (4th ed.). Belmont, CA Bro oks/Cole.