Monday, November 4, 2019

Put the best topic Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Put the best topic - Assignment Example Heroism is not recognized in leadership but everything that is done in leadership is through the assumption that one matters in all aspects. Role models in leadership are mostly family members from where one comes from. Entertainers are considered to be role models in leadership (Law and Ian, 301). Leadership is not inborn but can be learned. It is learned from observable practices, skills and behaviors. The learned are the reasonable skills and abilities. Skills and abilities that are learned can be strengthened and enhanced through motivation and desire that one has. John Cedel develops his leadership talents through observation of what was happening in the environment. He was keen on the other leaders, their strengths and their weaknesses. Once one is a leader, they learn to be better that what they are (Law and Ian, 106). Learning about leadership is not for everyone but for those who master it and considered having a strong desire to excel and belief that skills and abilities ca n be learned and enhanced. Leaders can be good but there is consideration that best leaders are the best learners. A good leader is that person who never stops learning. Experiences, both good and bad should be used to enhance leadership. Those that are learned about leadership should be put in practice. Becoming a leader is not for the sake of an individual but for the sake of everyone in an organization. High IQ does not make performance of a leader better. Those that are brilliant only have the average intelligence without practicing. John Cedel after becoming a leader does not stop learning about leadership skills that are needed in the organization. Skills that he learns make him effectively manage workers in the organization. Having a passion to learning is what makes a leader have good performance (Law and Ian, 205). The passion exposes one to honestly examine how the leader and the others perform. It is through the belief

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