Thursday, September 26, 2019

Conway Inn & Restaurant Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Conway Inn & Restaurant - Research Paper Example We removed the franchise tag in the late 1980s because the customer flow was excellent, and there was no need to pay the franchise fee; therefore, we made it into an independent hotel. Conway Inn and Hotel has been a Better Business Bureaus (BBB) accredited enterprise since mid-2010. The BBB came to the determination that Conway Inn and Hotel complied with its accreditations standards. These include the organization’s commitment to resolving all complaints of the consumer in good faith. Nestled in Panhandle, Texas, the Conway Inn and Hotel is a traditional establishment that seeks to be successful in today’s business environment. It has a living room style eating area, a traditional pub area, as well as comfortable fireside sofas. The establishment also has an outdoor area for guests when the weather is permissive. In the hotel and inn areas, there are blackboard areas that offer daily seasonal specials, classic pub favorites as well as some of the establishment’ s own quirky dishes. The bar area has a great wine list while also serving a selection of ales, all available by the glass and the bottle. In the past few years, the customer flow has slowed, and we can see that trend by looking at the registration logs, which we keep for our records to show us the rate of drop. By offering amenities such as refrigerators in the rooms, a free Wi-Fi connection, and cab services for tipsy guests, the organization has always been popular with locals and a preferred hotel for those traveling through the town. However, Conway Inn & Restaurant began to suffer a downturn in the customer flow in 2010, and this decline has been a major area of concern ever since. The organization used to have diverse visitors of various races, but of late, a trend towards senior citizens has been seen, which has reduced the customer flow drastically. This concern has caused the organization to cut back on some of its services such as the discounted cab services. The reduced customer flow has also led to staff layoffs, although this has not been on a large scale. With the decrease in the customer flow, Conway Inn & Restaurant has been forced to cut back on its discounted cab service as discussed. While Conway Inn & Restaurant has always tried to offer the best possible services to its customers, this has become more difficult with the decrease in the customer flow. At the present time, the management is even considering scaling back on its room service as well as subletting some of its rooms. This decision is because Conway Inn & Restaurant has been trying to cut back on costs given the reduced revenue stream. The loss of the discounted cab service altogether would be a big loss given that it has been a major selling point for the organization, especially for the inn customers. I work as a manager with Conway Inn & Restaurant, where I started in 2009. It is under my watch as a manager that the customer flow has decreased, and for this reason, I feel it is up to me to find the underlying cause of the issue and come up with workable solutions. The long time employees at Conway Inn & Restaurant often remember with nostalgia the days when customers would turn back to the inn as well as the fully booked hotel rooms in summer. Last summer, we only had half occupancy, which shows the problem is stark. The recent state of the customer flow has given the employees reasons to worry, as there are constant rumors of layoffs. Problem Statement Conway Inn & Rest

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