Friday, September 27, 2019

Research Methodology Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Research Methodology - Assignment Example By factoring the previous occurrences regarding related questions, the research would meet the basic threshold. In additions, the question need to factor aspects of improving on the management approaches of nursing practicum and offering alternatives into future related activities. The issues need documentation majorly those affecting the students, the support staff and supervisors. All the parties within the system need to factor to ensure that there are minimal exaggerations from the students. The questions need an appraisal to obtain data on all stakeholders within the sector, hence providing broad based data with conclusive impact. The approach of factoring all stakeholders would also facilitate and improve reliability and reliability of the research in related environments. Previous studies showing the positive attributes of the nursing practice needed to have informed the study, ensuring better conceptualization of the entire research. Moreover, anxiety and stress does not affe ct all the nursing students as people have varying components and the ability to absorb psychosocial pressures. Therefore, the study should have had informed outcomes with basis on these other relevant documentations of other factors apart from anxiety only. The author has identified the knowledge gap by indicating that the clinical practice plays a significant practical learning process of the nursing students. Therefore, there is a need to document and evaluate the issues affecting this learning process. The gap is that there is little documentation of researches specifically targeting learners in the nursing sector during their placement with an aim of ensuring that issues affecting them are addressed and solutions offered substantively (Maxton, 2008). Previous studies have been on senior level nursing students, but few research reports are based on the findings of the junior level-nursing students. The gap of knowledge should also factor,

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