Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Visible and invisible Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Visible and invisible - Essay Example Usually, it is from â€Å"space† that we explore the spatial zones in architecture and the external surroundings. This techniques existence has been for quite a while in construction since the inception of architecture as a form of art. When designing it, there has to be planning as it determines a lot on the outcome for a piece of architecture. This piece discusses space and its implication to architecture with the intent of highlighting its usefulness within the architectural setting whilst propagating useful ideologies. Visible spaces entail those areas that can be conceivable by the mind on an architecture material and in the real sense; they are observable in the physical world. Moreover, invisible space in most cases is an illusion emanating from one’s thought upon observing any form of architectural works (Blundell- jones, Petrescu & Till 23. Prior to a person, joining an architectural school, space is the first thing of which he/she is taught. According to Blundell- jones Petrescu &, Till (115), it is a form of experience that motivates artists towards creativity. Space involves a graphic abstraction when intending to convey a meaning to the audiences or those using the architectural component. By knowing aspects that are existent or have been constructed, unknown concepts are comprehensible. We can reverse an image that is in the physical form to a space. Therefore, the idea for use in this case is exploring the unknown to known using visible spaces. According to Blundell- jones, Petre scu & Till (125), spatial boundaries and connection are created by the mind upon conceiving a piece of artworks. In most cases, space relies on the construction already in place such as a building or the existing natural environment. This is to mean that the idea of using space is not a nouvelle concept in the field of architecture. It is from it that creativity emanated and other ideologies associated with creative construction such as

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