Monday, September 30, 2019

Meaning of life †Soul Essay

Personhood Chart This chart contains a grid for different philosophical anthropologies that answer the question of personhood. Complete the following chart in the context of defining what it means to be human according to Christianity, Materialism, and your own Personal View. Refer to the assigned reading for explanation of characteristics listed on the left. Christianity Materialism Personal View Relational God created human beings to live in community. When people lose that sense of love and belonging, they lose their meaning and purpose in life. God created family and the neighbor to be provide the human with the relationship needed for hope and healing. In order to carry out production and exchange, people have to enter into very definite social relations, most fundamentally production relations. Relationships with others should be based off of the materials in which they can provide you with the benefit a person the most. I believe everyone steps into our lives for one reason or another- either good or bad and we need to be the ones to differentiate between the two. Each relationship provides us with a sense of love and understanding on the purpose of our life. Multidimensional There is a vibrant sense of the person in relationship to God and the world through the bodily senses and functions. The body, soul, mind, spirit and even the various body parts are expressions of the wholeness that is the human self. Humans are material objects. They are not immaterial things, or objects, or substances; neither do they contain as parts immaterial selves or souls or entelechies. Their parts are material: flesh and bones and blood, molecules, atoms, electrons. A human is more than a corpse. We are multidimensional and each dimension is important in who we are and how we act in society. Â © 2015. Grand Canyon University. All Rights Reserved. Sexual Jesus showed us that we are sexual beings. Sexuality encompasses the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being. Man and women are supposed to stay faithful to each other and not commit adultery. It is believed to be a physical act between two individuals that creates energy and may result in the creation of a child through scientific means. Sexual behavior affects not only a person’s physical health but also self- image, interpersonal relationships and relationship with God and others. Moral We should choose to act based on good thinking, Scripture and prayer, and the Holy Spirit helps us discern the right alternatives. God knows our intentions are to please him and desire the best moral outcomes for all. The brain and body are a dynamic system interacting with the environment. There is no non- physical entity which could take credit or blame for the outcome of our actions. We learn our morals through trial and error as well as through the relationships we have with others. If we surround ourselves with ethically individuals we too with be ethical. Mortal We are mortals, but God has given us eternal life in Jesus Christ. We die, and yet we live. Poor stewardship of the life God has given us may well exacerbate the death and decay that surround us In order for human beings to survive and continue existence from generation to generation, it is necessary for them to produce and reproduce the material requirements of life Mortality is unavoidable yet difficult. Once someone dies their soul will either go to Heaven or to Hell. Destined for Eternal Life Destined for eternal life: Eternal life is the life one lives after death. By death the soul is separated from the body, but in the resurrection God will give incorruptible life to our body, transformed by reunion with our soul There is no such thing as eternal life. Life begins when the heart starts beating and ends with the heart stops beating. I believe that those who believe will live an eternal life and that those who do not will not. 2 References Plantinga, Alvin. (2010) Materialism and Christian Belief. Retrieved from http://www. andrewmbailey. com/ap/Materialism_Christian_Belief. pdf Shelly, J. , & Miller, A. (2006). Called to care: A Christian worldview for nursing (2nd ed. ). Downers Grove, Ill. : IVP Academic/Intervarsity Press.

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