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Boxing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Boxing - Essay Example The traditional 'good old English method of deciding a quarrel' had always been to punch one another with bareknuckles, and the English despised the French method of using the feet for kicking, considering it to be unmanly, foreign and cowardly (Savate, 2005). This loathing for kickboxing, or savate, helped boxing to maintain its stronghold in Europe. The individual known as "the Father of Boxing" Jack Boughton, assisted in that growth by developing the first set of rules for the sport. He published those rules in 1743. His rules held sway until 1865 when the Queensbury Rules were written publicized. The Queensbury Rules were created by John Douglass who was the Eighth Marques of Queensbury. He was the person who introduced the three-minute round and the use of regulated boxing gloves. 4. If either participant falls, he must get up unassisted, and is given ten seconds to do so. The other participant must return to his corner while the fallen man attempts to rise. When the fallen man is on his legs, the round is to be resumed until the three minutes has lapsed. If the man does not rise in the ten seconds allowed, the referee awards the win to the other man. 7. 5. A man hanging on the ropes with his toes off the ground is considered down. 6. No seconds in the ring during the round. 7. Should the contest be stopped by any unavoidable interference, the referee names the time and place to finish as soon as possible, so that the match can be won or lost, unless the backers agree to a draw. 8. The gloves are to be fair-sized, new and of the best quality. 9. Should a glove burst or come off, it must be replaced to the referee's satisfaction. 10. A man on one knee is considered down, and if struck is entitled to the stakes. 11. No shoes or boots with springs allowed. 12. The contest is to be governed in all other respects by the revised rules of the London Prize Ring. (Queensbury Rules, 2003)Most experts agree that these rules came into existence primarily due to the 'rough' nature of the sport and the 'fight to the death' mentality. Boxing/pg 3 Joyce Carol Oates, author of On Boxing says; "How can you enjoy so brutal a sport, people sometimes ask me" (Oates, 1987, pg 4). This question has been asked since the sport's beginning and is a question asked many times by those opponents of boxing who advocate a ban on the sport. Oates continues by answering the question in the following manner; "Life is like boxing in many unsettling respects. But boxing is only like boxing" (Oates, 1987, pg 4). Is that the answer to this sport's popularity or is it just part of the complexity of the sport, its participants and its fans There are just as many individuals who advocate continuing the sport as there are opponents to the sport. Each side of a boxing ban espouses good points and each side seems to be ardent in making those points known. This fervency makes for an interesting debate in the matter of a boxing ban.Two such prominent individuals are Dr Adrian Whiteson and Vivienne Nathanson. Dr Whiteson is the Chief Medical Officer for

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