Thursday, October 31, 2019

Misplaced trust Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Misplaced trust - Essay Example In spite of all my misgivings, I did help her though, and I wish I had listened to my intuitions. A week had gone by since I consented to my sister’s wishes and accommodated Poppy in my house. For the time I stayed with Poppy, all I heard was complaints and shoves in my face, literary, my body ached due to the kicking I had to endure from her gigantic feet. I never had peace in my place again which made me consider my options which of course were not many. Was to either continue living with Poppy or ask her to leave before she could drive me insane. After many considerations, I made a decision after the torturous weeks to dumb her on my friend’s doorstep and I did just that. The following month, I met my best friend who informed me that Poppy was planning on suing her. I was keen to get the facts for I knew the intrigues and drama that comes with being around Poppy. I laughed my heart out when I learned the reason for the latest episode of Poppy’s drama; my friend’s cat scratched her cat’s eye. That was the most ridicules thing I had heard in a long time. As a result of my best friend’s current mishaps, all the blame for her situation was heaped on me, from facilitating Poppy’s move to the tiniest scratch. As a consequence of all these denunciations from my best friend, I had a fight with her about trust as she was accusing me damping these issues on her and therefore she could not trust me anymore because I had lied too much. Our relationship changed from being really close to basically not contacting each other. Poppy of course wanted to move because of what happened, as always, I was the one to rescue her and indeed, I did help her find a place to stay. I sought help from one of another of oldest best friends I have ever had which proved to be a mistake that led to a big disaster. Poppy was not satisfied with the new place, her reason being that the place was far. My

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