Thursday, October 17, 2019

Dallas Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Dallas - Essay Example The city was under both the Spanish and French colonial governments before boundaries placed it under Spain. This adds to its great historical background and makes it unique and a tourist favorite. The planning of the city is done extremely well, with the buildings well arranged and the roads and streets offer easy navigation through the city. Although it lacks a navigable link to the sea, the scenery in Dallascity is just irresistible; the Trinity River winds itself through the city and serves as an ideal position to view the sunset either on the ferry or on the shores before it disappears into Houston (Hanson 68). Dubbed the romantic spot, couples always gather on the shores of this river and just sink into each other’s eyes while enjoying the beautiful environment around them. White Rock Lake is another beautiful area to visit in Dallas. It is a water reservoir where families go to spend their weekends and free time. Activities such as boating, rowing, jogging, and biking all serve as a means of entertainment to the people. There is also an Arboretum and Botanical garden located to the east shore of the lake that provide good relaxing places and serve as a tourist at traction sites (Hanson 21). Dallas has a humid subtropical climate, which favors most of the best outdoor activities. For instance, during the summer, the city records very high temperatures that range between 38 and 42 degree Celsius, which are favorable for swimming, and other water activities (Hanson 22). Winters in Dallas are mild warm with lots of snow rising up to 1.5 inches off the ground. Spring and autumn bring the most pleasant weather with the showing of wild flower that beautifully colors the environment (Hanson 22). A staple in Dallas is the Chilean Sea Bass on Lobster Risotto. This dish has gained recognition around the world due to its effect on the taste buds, and you simply cannot visit Dallas without paying a visit to one of the steakhouses

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