Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Global Marketing and Communications 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Global Marketing and Communications 2 - Essay Example Don E. Schultz is referred as the father of the integrated marketing communication. His research and teaching focus upon financial measure and branding along with the communication integration (Leopold, 2010). There are six steps to develop effective global communication. Firstly, one has to identify the target audience and then determine the communication objectives. After that, message should be designed and communication channel has to be selected. Next, the source of the message should be selected and finally the result of the communication is analysed. These six factors are very much helpful to create the global marketing communication (Volkmer, n.d.). Global marketing communication is a kind of marketing technique that facilitates global business. A firm operates in more than one country in order to have financial advantages which they might not get in their domestic environment. In order to have global business, the company should have due emphasis upon marketing and production facilities. When a company decides to go global, it should get hold of the following basic attributes: John Pemberton, who was an Atlanta based pharmacist, founded Coca Cola in the year of 1886. The name of the company was decided by Frank Robinson, the bookkeeper of John Pemberton. Coca Cola entered into the global markets of Canada and Mexico in the year of 1898. In this year a law was passed in the Congress in wake of Spanish-American war for which Coca Cola was sold only as beverage and not as drug as decided earlier. Ben Thomas and Joseph Whitehead received the bottling rights in the year 1898. Later the company started their bottling operations in Philippines, Panama, Puerto Rico and Cuba among other countries (Ohio University, n.d.). Coke is tasted worldwide as bottling operation was available in 28 countries in 1929. Coke started to sell in a can

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