Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Motivational Interviewing Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Motivational Interviewing - Case Study Example Approaching verbal abuse requires entails a set of five changes before the client can come into an outcome. The first stage is the precontemplation stage whereby the client is unaware of the need to change hence does not intend to change. The second stage is the contemplation stage whereby the client is aware of the need to change but has not made the decision yet. Thirdly is the preparation stage whereby the client makes decides to take a step towards change in the future and has already tried changing but has been unsuccessful. The fourth step of change is action in which the client has started working on the change with measurable success but not the full expected outcome. The fifth stage is the maintenance stage whereby the client has already attained the set goal and is now working maintain the acquired status (Cormier, Nurius, and Osborn, 2009, p.231). In response to the different stages of change, I intend to follow through a set of interventions specific to each step of change. During the precontemplation stage, I should keenly listen to the client while ensuring comfort as a measure of encouraging the client to transition to the next stage. In response to contemplation stage, I should focus on educating the client about change while focusing more on the advantages in support of the client’s ambivalence about the change. During the preparation stage I should take the client through the possible alternatives while emphasizing on trying some of them. This is meant to give the client a taste of the change process thereby encouraging change acceptance. During the action stage my main role is to take the cline through appropriate strategies to prevent backslides once the expected goal is achieved. Finally, interventions in the maintenance stage are meant to provide emotional support to the client once the change has taken effe ct. After successfully going through the change process it is important

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