Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Manned mission to Mars Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Manned mission to Mars - Essay Example Moon is the natural satellite of earth which is located near to the earth compared to other planets. Only Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were able to land on moon so far even though many other satellites were send to moon for explorations. The access to moon is still not easy for the humans. Under such circumstances manned missions to Mars has made lot of controversies. Some people argue that manned missions to mars are the only way to find more things about our neighboring planets and to explore the possibilities of any life there. Moreover, only manned missions will be able to prove beyond doubt that how useful the external planets for human beings. On the other hand, critics believe that manned missions to mars is a risky topic because of the immense possibilities of danger both on the way and while landing on moon. This paper briefly analyses the arguments in favor and against manned mission to mars Critics of manned mars mission have raised three major questions; a) how to get funding?, b) how to land on Mars safely?, and c) how to ascent from Mars safely? (Heinonen). It is not easy to send manned spacecrafts to mars. Billions of dollars are needed for mars exploration. It is practically difficult for a single country to bear such huge expenses. But somehow if we are bale to manage the expenses for manned mission, the second question is how to land safely on mars. We have less knowledge about the atmosphere and others dangers waiting for us in Mars. Even the landing on moon was not easy for us even though we did succeed once. Many people believe that high energy cosmic rays and other ionizing radiations might be available in Mars. Moreover, mars have low gravity than earth which may cause further problem to the explorers. The third major cause of concern about manned mars mission is the question of how to ascent from mars even if we succeeded in landing safely on mars. On the other hand,

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