Thursday, October 17, 2019

PHP information technology essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

PHP information technology - Essay Example Several important features of PHP will ensure that PHP remains the central instrument of application development in the nearest future. First, PHP is an open source language of programming that enables both the beginners and professional programmers to develop and deploy new open source applications. As a result, open source software is not only cheaper but much more competitive than the applications developed by commercial organizations. â€Å"It has a cheap, fast, reliable, and widely supported environment to run in, therefore it is mainly used in standard web deployment, not only large enterprises† (Anonymous). For the reasons stated above, large and small businesses can use PHP in the development of their own non-commercial applications. For example, small businesses that have just entered the market can apply to PHP and develop their own programs and applications without any major costs. Second, PHP is perfect for beginners (Anonymous). It is easy to use, and it will cont inue to dominate open source systems and applications created by non-experienced programmers and users. PHP is both flexible and diverse in the sense that it can be used in a variety of ways. PHP is portable and functional, and its promising future is predetermined. However, the issue of protecting property rights has the potential to reduce the usability and applicability of PHP in open source software. Actually, the rapid expansion of the copyright and intellectual property movements can destroy the very phenomenon of open source software, including PHP. As of today, open source software developers cannot be secured from the risks of violations and patent lawsuits from copyright and patent owners (Thomas 2). Thus, future programmers and legal professionals will have to work together, in order to find the most appropriate legal and software balance, while also letting PHP flourish in the open source landscape. DQ 2 Data warehousing provides numerous benefits but can become a major source of problems for organizations. Inherent in the use of data warehousing techniques within organizations are the issues of security in data management, security in data exploration, and the risks of abusing data encryption used to enhance data privacy (Agosta). It should be noted, that the data warehousing concept has already become one of the central innovations in the field of organizational data management (Ramamurthy, Sen & Sihna 976). Data warehousing is being widely used to support organizational decision making (Ramamurthy, Sen & Sihna 976). Data warehousing can be conceptualized as a unique and extremely effective way to store large volumes of information, which makes it particularly useful in organizations. Data warehousing holds a promise to enhance businesses’ information processing capacity and ability to access, collect, allocate, and share information with the goal of improving the quality of management and consumer relations (Ramamurthy, Sen & Sihna 976). Unfortunately, data warehousing is not without problems. Security and safety of business data remains a matter of continued professional concern. Business data can be extremely sensitive and require additional protection from the risks of misuse and abuse, but data warehousing systems may simply lack capacities and functions required to guarantee security and full protection of sensitive data (Agosta). Another problem is directly related

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