Sunday, October 6, 2019

International and National Relief Efforts - BHS412 Module 4 - Case Essay

International and National Relief Efforts - BHS412 Module 4 - Case - Essay Example By first establishing a consensus on the plan of action as well as ensuring that all stakeholders are working towards a common purpose it could be that the relationship would foster better communication as well as ensure more effective results. From one perspective it could be argued that when both parties operate independently, there may be both redundancies in operations as well as serious deficiencies. When time is a critical factor there needs to be strong coordination. Is there a difference between the relationship when responding to a domestic disaster relief effort as compared to an international relief effort? In principle this may not be the case however practice may be different. In international operations workers must take into consideration a number of externalities (FEMA, 2011) For example perhaps the infrastructure is not as well developed as the workers are used to. Perhaps there is a language barrier, or the local customs prevent actions that would be considered acce ptable in the home nation. Although it could be argued that relief efforts should not be hindered by cultural customs the reality is that by violating these traditions there may be very serious long term consequences. Moreover by not preparing for a language barrier there may be serious delays in getting real services running and accessible to all people.

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